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    Campus Safety Three-Wheelin’

    California Lutheran University Campus Safety officers have recently caught the attention of students with their distinctive transportation vehicles. The T3 Patroller, more commonly known as a three-wheeled Segway, is used by student officers to get around campus.

    Director of Campus Safety David Hilke said in an email interview that the T3 Patroller has been in use for over five years at Cal Lutheran and is more stable than a traditional Segway.

    โ€œThe T3 was a good choice to add to the Campus Safety vehicle fleet, the T3 is easy to maneuver in crowds and providers the operator with an elevated platform to see over vehicles and crowds while in use,โ€ Hilke said.

    Hilke said some of the benefits of the vehicle are that it is quiet, efficient and has zero gas emissions.

    Britta Grampp, a Cal Lutheran Campus Safety student worker and graduating senior, said she is coming up on her two-year anniversary working for the program. Grampp works in the office as well as traffic duties.

    โ€œThe first time I ever saw [the T3 Patroller] was when I first started working for Campus Safety, I saw them riding it at night with the little flashing lights on and I was laughing so hard. Itโ€™s hard to take people seriously on it and I feel the same when Iโ€™m on it,โ€ Grampp said.

    Cadet Bell, a police cadet from Moorpark College who did not want her first name used, said that she and her fellow cadets use two golf carts to get around campus, and the adult officers use black and white patrol cars.

    โ€œWe do not use them on a regular basis. All cadets have to go through mandatory training before they can drive; itโ€™s similar to an online course you would take to get your driverโ€™s license. It tells you have to be safe while driving company vehicles,โ€ Bell said.

    Hilke said the Cal Lutheran safety officers also have to complete a training course and orientation in order to be authorized to use any transportation vehicle.

    Bell said she would be open to using a Segway or T3 Patrollers on the Moorpark campus because it would be easier for her to navigate small, crowded spaces.

    โ€œWe usually just go with whatever we are given โ€“ I wouldnโ€™t be opposed to it,โ€ Bell said.

    Cal Lutheran currently has two safety trucks, two bicycles, one T3 Patroller and one golf cart. Hilke said they had two carts, but they were recently removed due to wear and tear.

    โ€œAs Campus Safety is exploring the option of replacing the removed cart, some of the student workers expressed an interest in using the T3 more frequently,โ€ Hilke said.

    Grampp said she usually chooses to use the golf cart because she can cover more ground and can sit down. She said one of the drawbacks of using the T3 Patroller is that it can make your feet ache after a while because youโ€™re essentially standing still with no arch support.

    The T3 Patroller can go up to 11 miles per hour and if the driver exceeds the limit, it will beep.

    Grampp said it has been a common sentiment for the student workers to be embarrassed to use the vehicle around campus.

    โ€œI thought it was hilarious, it looks pretty funny, it has the little flashing lights and a fun little horn, so it is amusing but it gets the job done,โ€ Grampp said.

    Grampp said she posted a picture of herself posed on the T3 vehicle on her Instagram account on a Friday afternoon with the caption, โ€œRiding into the weekend likeโ€ฆโ€

    โ€œOne of my friends commented on the photo, โ€˜Danger never takes a breakโ€™,โ€ Grampp said.

    Grampp said the T3 Patroller is overall more of a fun way of getting around campus rather than a necessity because most student safety workers prefer golf carts as their means for transportation.

    โ€œDriving the golf cart is fun, but sometimes you feel like youโ€™re at work and itโ€™s a chore but you get on the T3 and youโ€™re about to have a good time,โ€ Grampp said.

    Brooke Oyler