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Fall brings new faces to ASCLUG

On Sept. 19, the Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government elections revealed the winners of the fall election.

At this election there were 12 positions available. Four were available for first year students on Senate and Programs Board, one was available for a transfer student on Senate and Programs Board and two were positions open for the junior Senate.

A total of 16 students ran for these positions.

Programs Board members are in charge of the social aspect of CLU student life. They are responsible for planning spring formal, homecoming weekend, all the Club Lu events and other various free support activities.

According to the Senior Coordinator for Student Involvement & Wellness Programs Amanda Namba, the Senate is โ€œthe board on campus that creates campus change and campus improvements.โ€

The Senate listens to student concerns and implements change by passing legislation and funding the appropriate groups on campus.

Namba also commented on why only specific positions in the ASCLUG Programs Board and Senate are open for new candidates during this fall election period.

โ€œThese positions are made available because, since we have our general elections in the spring for sophomore, junior and senior positions, itโ€™s a chance for the new students to get involved and still have a voice on the board,โ€ said Namba.

The fall elections also serve as a safety net for the positions that students had suddenly stepped down from, or for the positions that were not filled in the general spring elections.

The students who won in the general elections in the spring are voted in for the upcoming academic year.

In ASCLUG elections, candidates are given creative control in their campaigning.

Laurel Skinner and Christopher Otmar, two of the newly elected Programs Board representatives, dressed up as Rocky and Bullwinkle while campaigning. To catch the attention of voters they handed out peanuts. Their slogan was, โ€œYouโ€™d be nuts if you didnโ€™t vote for us.โ€

Other candidates who won chose a different route of campaigning.

Beau Pellowski, First Year Senate, relied on word of mouth to get his name out there.

Daniel Aldrete, First Year Senate, used flyers and Ronald Burton, Transfer Senate, used a Facebook event to campaign.

Burton understands the importance of getting in touch with the needs of fellow students.

โ€œItโ€™s important [for me] to get feedback from the students,โ€ said Burton. โ€œIt gives me the opportunity to talk to people, to make a difference.โ€

Namba agrees with this sentiment.

โ€œ[The positions are important] to share student voices,โ€ said Namba. โ€œItโ€™s really an opportunity for students to elect representatives that will represent the voice of their constituents.โ€

Now that the fall elections are done, the ASCLUG team will be able to do just that. For more information and to view the complete election results, visit the ASCLUG webpage at

Elessandria Smith
Staff Writer
Published Sept. 26, 2012

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