Fast is never fast enough for internet users at CLU

The same mini panic attack strikes us every day we have class. You open your laptop, open up the Internet, automatically click on Facebook and you get a page that says, “Internet is not available at this moment. Try again later.”
You look like you are paying attention in class, but on the inside you are crying out for a bar of connection.
At the end of class you are frustrated that you can’t poke or update your status. You just want to find who it is that caused you this so-called “torture”.
Complaints on campus have been non-stop when it comes to the Internet. Slow Internet these days is inexcusable and our generation is not patient with this issue.
We are a generation that has been spoiled with instant gratification when it comes to our technilogical needs.
According to Information System and Services, students are being charged an extra $100 per semester that goes toward ISS renovations. We are not pleased with what we’ve seen so far.
“They charged me more and nothing happened. In my eyes, I see me giving them money and getting nothing back,”  said sophomore Cooper Smith.
Our generation has grown up with cell phones, laptops, tablets and  Wi-Fi.
Easy access to the Internet is the norm to us.Not having this puts us in a state of distress, and CLU’s seemingly apathetic attitude is frustrating.

I’m just as frustrated about the events taking place on campus as I am with how our money is spent. Although it seems petty to be angry, I don’t feel my frustrations are noticed.
Julius Bianchi, associate provost for ISS, is more than happy to help.
“If I heard complaints they would’ve been here and taken care of,” said  Bianchi. “We run help desk stats to help with complaints and any dissatisfaction.”
Bianchi pointed out several efforts ISS is making to improve Internet connection on campus.
Last year we had 250 mb of Internet shared between administration and residents. Now we have 500 mb for residents alone and 250 mb for administration to use for the Internet.
Part of the budget is to help maintain the hardware and software. The new $100 per semester charge will help provide new hardware and software for the school to replace the existing ones.
As of Sept. 19, there are 1,314 iPhones, 357 Mac laptops, 290 Windows laptops and 385 iPads connected. That is on one day alone.
There were 2,400 simultaneous, authenticated and connected devices on the school network in  one afternoon. According to ISS, this is extremely high.
The reality is the school is trying to help. The ISS department hasn’t been able to do what they want and need to do because they need approval from the chamber, who seems clueless tothe complaints taking place on campus.
In October ISS will establish a way for the students to send in information about their Internet or any services needed by them in a more convenient manner, improving their assistance.
“Throughout my four years I noticed the Internet is faster or slower at different times of the day,” said senior Andrew Anderson.
See the patterns, report them to Bianchi or ISS and get it fixed.
It doesn’t hurt you to close your laptop in class, stop messaging your friend across the room and just pay attention. After all, you are paying a minor tuition of $40,000 a year.


Rafe Padilla
Staff Writer
Published Sept. 26, 2012