Annual Show ‘CalLuPalooza’ Canceled

Student musicians this year lost the chance to perform in the annual CalLuPalooza that started back in 2014.

A variety of factors went into the last-minute cancellation, the first being that a music business class that typically coordinates the event was under-enrolled.

Mark Spraggins, a professor in the music department at California Lutheran University, said this is the main reason as to why he thinks it was cancelled. Ultimately, he said the music department did not feel the event would be successful.

“We didn’t want to do a show that wasn’t going to be a good show,” Spraggins said.

Another problem was a lack of students who were ready to perform or who knew about the event.

“There definitely needs to be much more promotion of the event, especially to students who might perform,” said Paige Poggione, a sophomore student who performed in last year’s show, in an email interview.

Poggione also said she felt somewhat relieved to find out it was canceled. As of one week before, she had still not received any details about the event.

Marc Quezada, a sophomore student that produces his own music said that he was looking forward to the event and was also thinking of performing.

“I thought it was actually one of the best events that Cal Lutheran put on. We have a lot of students that have amazing talent to show everybody and not a lot of people know that,” said Quezada. 

Spraggins said that with this year’s cancellation, the coordinators are rethinking the event.

Another part factor was the change in venue due to last year’s noise complaints. Last year, the show was shut down 15 minutes before it was scheduled to at 10 p.m. due to noise complaints from neighbors, resulting in police involvement, warnings and the closing act getting canceled.

The show was canceled April 24.

Dakota Allen
Editor in Chief

Rosie Baker