Thousand Oaks’ First Microbrewery


Gabrielle Renteria

Pizza and ice cream: At Tarantula Hill Brewing Company, patrons can enjoy fresh wood fired pizzas and ice cream as well as over 20 different brews, wines and ciders.

Gabrielle Renteria, Reporter

The classic beer and pizza combo has become more accessible than ever here in Thousand Oaks, with the opening of the area’s new establishment Tarantula Hill Brewing Company.

On July 16, Tarantula Hill’s website stated they were “officially in soft opening.” This brewery has grown in popularity with both college students in town and with residents of the community. People can order wood fired pizzas as well as over 20 different brews, wines and ciders.

“I think what makes Tarantula different from other breweries is the sense of community it provides for T.O. [Thousand Oaks] because it’s really the only one around and owned by people who have lived here their whole lives…it allows people from all over the 805 to come together,’’ Chris Rockwell, an employee of the restaurant, said.

Thousand Oaks resident Destiny Hernandez is one of Tarantula’s new fans.

“I love that there’s a place for us to just hang out. I can bring friends or family, it doesn’t matter because everyone has a good time,” Hernandez said.

Part of the variety offered by this establishment comes from the wide selection of available drinks.

“We make our own beer. There’s actually two different systems that we have: a large scale system and a small batch system. It’s pretty unique to other breweries, most of them don’t have the small batch system,” Rockwell said. “It allows for the brewers to try new ideas that they have on a smaller scale to see if it works.”

Another aspect of this restaurant is that it is open to all ages. Although you have to be 21 to purchase alcohol, you do not have to be 21 to enter the establishment.

Unlike many college towns,  Thousand Oaks has a limited number of weekend hangouts for those underage.

“It’s really nice to be able to have somewhere to spend time with my friends even though I’m not 21 yet,” Illiana Torres, Cal Lutheran junior,  said. “I can still be included in the plans past 8 p.m.”

The Brewery is located at 244 Thousand Oaks Boulevard. Check out their website for current hours.