Sports Information Hires Cal Lutheran Alum Jeff Rebello


File Photo by Catherine Slabaugh

Two Cal Lutheran seniors are starting the Sports Management club, an opportunity to network with other students interested in careers in sports-related fields. Pictured: In 2019 Jeff Rebello came full circle, returning to Cal Lutheran as the assistant sports information director.

Antonio Valle, Reporter

California Lutheran University alum Jeff Rebello has returned to his alma mater to become the new assistant sports information director.

Rebello has always had a huge passion and love for sports. Growing up in northern California, Rebello watched SportsCenter and admired the anchors on the show.

“[I] have always been interested in sports, and that played a major factor in my decision to come to Cal Lutheran because I played baseball here for four years,’’ Rebello said.

Rebello majored in communication at Cal Lutheran and was a student journalist and editor for The Echo.

“The Echo prepared me in a lot of ways for this job. Definitely all of the [Associated Press] style and conducting interviews, and learning how to write in a professional manner so that people can understand the story that you are trying to convey,” Rebello said.

In his new position, Rebello is focused on covering games for men’s and women’s soccer, cross country, tennis and lacrosse. He also works closely with the women’s basketball team and men’s baseball team.

Ryan Jorgenson, sports information director, works hand-in-hand with Rebello and works with all 22 sports at Cal Lutheran. Jorgenson began working at Cal Lutheran in 2017.

“I would definitely say [Rebello] is hard working and sometimes I catch him doing things that I would never think about doing. For example, we won four games this past Saturday and I jumped on social media on Sunday and saw that Jeff posted a graphic saying ‘We had a pretty fun weekend this past Saturday,’” Jorgenson said.

Jorgenson also said Rebello “really loves his job” and  shows it through his skill set and work habits.

Rebello is in charge of running, where he and Jorgenson  keep track of players’ statistics, milestones and team records.

“A lot of athletes don’t know what they have done, so being able to post that type of stuff and know the statistics, it definitely makes the articles easier to write and it also gives the fans a little bit more too when it comes to knowing the player,” Jorgenson said.

When fans arrive at games, they receive a program with players’ statistics, stories and demographics. Rebello  records the statistics and makes the programs for every game he covers.

“My favorite part of my job is telling the stories of student athletes. Obviously being a student athlete myself is something that I relate to and I know how good it feels to be recognized for your accomplishments. So in a way, I feel like I am giving back and this is definitely a rewarding experience for me,” Rebello said.