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    Tapingo app makes life convenient at CLU

    No more awkward conversations or eye contact in line. No more waiting for the second cashier to return in order to make the line move quicker.No more 20-minute wait times between 10-minute breaks.

    CLU has given its students the opportunity to literally eat and be merry. And for a busy student like myself, I’m screaming thank you!

    Tapingo, a new application for smart phones, was released to California Lutheran University students last week and is making lines on campus a thing of the past.

    The new app allows its users to order food from the Centrum or Jamba Juice without being in the long lines, making food on-campus the way it should be, fast and convenient.

    Like most of my peers at CLU, I am balancing out a heavily loaded schedule. Participating in an on-campus play, the improv troupe, practicing golf, getting gigs to dj, and staying on top of an 18-unit course load is hectic. The one thing you tend not to have time for is to eat.

    “Transitioning from work, to class, to going to the gym, Tapingo provides the ability to obtain my food quickly without delaying my day,” said  senior Josh Bell.

    The luxury of just knowing that you can have food readily available not only helps us get the food we are longing for in our long lecture class, but also gives us comfort that the school is really trying to meet our wants.

    “It was one of the first requests I made when I got here,” said senior Eric Rogers. “I feel like they are really stepping up.” New cafeteria, new stadium, Nike-contracted sports jerseys, eco-friendly water fountains and expanding the Internet on campus is proof that CLU is a fast growing university.

    I remember my first year of college at CLU. I couldn’t even rent my books from the bookstore.Now that we have had an increasing number of students on campus, the school is trying its best to meet students’ needs.

    “I think they are meeting the needs of a growing student population,” said Bell.

    I know what you’re thinking. There are people on campus that may not have access to the app because they may not have an iPhone, but they are a minority on campus.

    With 1,314 iPhones accounted for on campus, according to Information System Services, it seems safe to say that most students will not oppose. Plus waiting in line is retro, so hipsters love it.

    CLU is in a state of growth and I love it. Tapingo, Nike and William Rolland Stadium are just the tip of the iceberg for those of us still on campus. I see us becoming a legitimate DI school where we become the school that kids from all over want to come to.

    And in the end, just like the past generations who attended CLU, we will be the generation that saw the future coming.


    Rafael Padilla
    Staff Writer
    Published On Oct. 3, 2012

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