Logan Marks: Kingsmen Volleyball Recruit to Watch


Photo Courtesy of Winston Prather

High school senior Logan Marks jumps to hit on the opposing side while playing for the Northern California Volleyball Club’s 18U team.

Paige Poggione, Reporter

Logan Marks is committed to play for the California Lutheran University men’s volleyball team and looks to fill the shoes of this years’ graduating seniors.

Marks is captain of the Jesuit High School team in Carmichael, and a standout talent on the Northern California Volleyball Club’s 18U team. 

Marks will bring both talent and height, for Coach Kevin Judd, head coach of Cal Lutheran’s men’s volleyball team, as he continues to lead the Kingsmen next school year. 

“[He will] bring a lot of options for the Cal Lutheran coach,” Winston Prather, assistant coach of the Northern California Volleyball Club’s 18U team said. “He can use [Marks] in lots of different ways and positions. [Marks] can be [a] six-rotation…. or even three-rotation [player].”

His athletic abilities will be an exciting addition to the Kingsmen volleyball team for the next four years.

Prather said Marks has accrued talent across the court, playing both middle blocker as well as opposite and outside hitter.

Marks, from Woodland, CA, began playing volleyball during his sophomore year of high school, after years of playing football. Within his first year on the court, he decided that he wanted to pursue the prospect of playing volleyball at the collegiate level. 

“In the beginning, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I knew that I loved to play volleyball,” Marks said. “Once I got the hang of it, I knew I wanted to try to play in college.”

Marks said Cal Lutheran immediately caught his attention during his college search, citing geography as a big factor.  

“I went down to visit Cal Lu and I fell in love with the school, the area and the people there,” Marks said. “I told my parents that this is where I want to be for the next four years.”

In addition to the athletic capability Marks will bring to the Kingsmen volleyball team, Prather is confident that he will be a great addition to the Cal Lutheran community as both an individual and as a student.

“I think the best part about [Marks] is that [he’s] a really good kid, and…good student,” Prather said, adding that Marks is a good person “on and off the court.” 

This past season, the Kingsmen had a record of 9-13, and most notably, swept the No. 6 Milwaukee School of Engineering. Next year, following the loss of seven seniors, the team will look to get back into the competition with both returners and many new players that the new school year will welcome in.