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    Underclassmen penalized for drunkeness at 2009 homecoming

    Rumor has it that next year, after the Class of 2013 graduates, the option for a Homecoming dance will be discussed once again. Like I said, it is rumor.

    I’m sure that most students have heard about the infamous homecoming night in 2009 at Universal City Walk. If not, let me tell you my side of it.

    It was freshman year and everyone was excited to get dressed up and party for our first big event as college students. People got their limos, cute clothes and got drunk before heading to the event at Jillian’s.

    There were pre-parties and after-parties planned, with plenty of dancing in between. My group of friends decided not to drink before the party. I have no idea why but let’s just say it was because we were underage and knew better. Well, the night was a fun time.

    Jillian’s was giving out cards with a set value on them for students to play the arcade games and take pictures in the photo booth. Of course, there was dancing and food and a full bar for those of age.

    My friends and I left the event early leaving a scene of essentially disaster. It looked like a night outside some cheap bar where everyone got too drunk to go home. There were too many drunk people falling all over the place.

    As we were leaving, we noticed people getting escorted out and even one girl in a wheelchair.

    I kind of had a feeling that this was normal, but not acceptable for the standards of our school.

    Not too long after that, there was an announcement that we would no longer be having an annual Homecoming dance. We all knew that this was punishment for the actions of those dumb drunks.

    “If college students are incapable of handling the responsibility of something as trivial as a school dance, there shouldn’t be any money wasted on one,” said senior Nina Kuzniak.

    Also announced was a new “alternative” Homecoming celebration for the following year. I didn’t really think much of it because I kind of always thought it was a joke to have a dance. That’s so high school, right? Well, apparently a lot of students were upset. Guess they should have thought twice about getting too sloppy.

    Junior Programs Board Director Shakivla Todd does not feel like she missed out on anything without a Homecoming dance.

    “I always thought the idea of a Homecoming dance was a little high school-ish,” said Todd. “Since we have Spring Formal, I don’t feel like I am missing out on any type of dance.”

    Though there is always a new thing, it kind of gets pushed back in my mind, and I am sure the minds of other people. Todd said that Spring Formal was a big success last year. “People loved it,” she said.

    Like last year, there will be an alternative Homecoming celebration in place of the dance. The night is called Monte Carlo, with a James Bond Casino Royale theme. The celebration will take place on Friday, Oct. 19, from 7 to 9 p.m.

    According to Todd, there will be casino games with big prizes, including a grand prize trip to Las Vegas.

    There will obviously be plenty of time to go to after parties and party your night away but until then, no alcohol at the event.

    “It’s nice because it’s definitely more inclusive,” said ASCLU-G President Rebecca Cardone. “Monte Carlo Night is more of a group event and anyone can come.”

    In addition to the Monte Carlo night, there is also the annual Homecoming Carnival held on Memorial Parkway. The night includes games and booths and is free for everyone in the area. Kuzniak likes the fact that the carnival engages the families that are in town for Homecoming.

    “Monte Carlo Night is going to be great,” said Cardone. “The prizes look awesome.”

    I was disappointed to find out that I couldn’t rig the prizes. I have been wanting to take a trip to Vegas soon. Maybe I will just win it.

    While most of the people I spoke with were excited about Monte Carlo night, junior MacKenzie Gerber still wanted to have a dance.“Monte Carlo night seems like a great idea but we are at the age where real casinos are an activity we can engage in,” she said via telephone.

    For more information on the Homecoming events, check out the ASCLU-G website at


    Miles George
    Staff Writer
    Published Oct. 17, 2012

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