From the pool to the mat: Regals swimmer turned yogi


Contributed - CLU Swimming & Diving

Aubrey Blickman, junior swimmer for Regals Swim & Dive is now CorePower Westlake’s newest YogaSculpt instructor.

Erica Gaertner, Reporter

Aubrey Blickman, junior swimmer for the Regals Swim & Dive team, recently added a new activity to her athletic profile–becoming a certified YogaSculpt instructor at CorePower Thousand Oaks.

“I’ve wanted to become a yoga instructor for about 4 years now,” Blickman said in a phone interview. “I always looked up to the community aspect of yoga and I’ve always loved the sense of healing and how I am able to tap into my mind… [its] something that you don’t usually get taught in other sports.”

CorePower Thousand Oaks Manager, Sydney Patterson, said CorePower’s message is centered on community wellness.

“[Our goal is] to share a safe space for other people where they can feel that they are able to come as they are, work hard but also feel creative in the flow of their body,” Patterson said. “Everyone comes for a different reason, and it’s beautiful to share the same space together. We are one big community.”

Blickman said while leading yoga practice is a fun way to stay active, the Swim & Dive team is her first love.

“[It is] my favorite team that I’ve ever been on, not just because of the coaching. But we are like family. [I’m] always excited to be at the pool and around my friends. And the coaches are really supportive,” Blickman said.

Blickman said she is constantly surrounded by supportive and positive teammates.

“We are all so hard working in our own ways. We always push each other to do better in life in and out. And help each other to be better,” Blickman said.

Some of Blickman’s teammates came out to support her as she taught her first class on Sept. 20.

Blickman said the experience was “one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. And met amazing people over Zoom. Got to grow personally with people and through my voice as a teacher.” She added, “I’ve learned more about myself as I’ve been able to connect to my practice.”

Blickman’s natural athleticism made YogaSculpt classes a clear choice. Blickman said they are more challenging than the typical yoga class and the amount of work that goes into each class is fulfilling.

The process of becoming an instructor “was a big time commitment,” Blickman said. “I started training in July, for 5 months for a yoga sculpt, which took 120 hours. Then you have to do another program which encompasses finding your voice as a teacher is another five week course.”

Patterson said the Thousand Oaks CorePower studio provides training that is accredited by the American Heart Association for any yogi to become an instructor for any class that they desire to teach.

Blickman said her favorite part of yoga is the release from day-to-day life.

When I get into that time to know I’m meditating or teaching, I get into a mode of knowing it’s my space,” Blickman said.