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    Career Services makes life easy

    With graduation coming up close for me, I began thinking about my future plans; where I will work, and what I will do with my degree. It is so crazy to think that my college career is ending so quickly.

    No longer will I be able to say that I am a student. I’m not unemployed, of course. I have worked for MAC Cosmetics for almost four years, but I don’t have a career.

    In my business communication class, we were required to do research on a company of interest. As part of it, we attended a seminar by the director of Career Services, Cindy Lewis.

    It got me thinking about how important it is to plan my post-college life. In the seminar, we discussed interviewing and résumé building.

    Her points were insightful and clear. Things that, in retrospect, were pretty common sense, but helpful nonetheless.

    Since the seminar, I have connected with Lewis on LinkedIn and have gotten her assistance on multiple occasions.

    Lewis really pushes students to get internships. It’s not surprising because she started her career with an internship in career services.

    She got her first master’s degree from CLU and that brought her back here when the director’s position opened.

    Working in Career Services is rewarding for Lewis. As a director, her day is busy but she enjoys meeting with students and alumni as much as she can.

    “I really like helping people,” said Lewis in an email.

    I think that for students graduating soon, it’s really important to get a head start on the job hunt. Looking while in college is much better than waiting until after graduation.

    There are so many amazing tips that Lewis has and things that will give students the upper hand in interviewing for new positions.

    “When a student or alumni goes on an interview the biggest mistakes are that they do not dress in a suit,” said Lewis. “Looks are important and even though you will not wear this each day if you get the job, it shows you are serious and professional and can ‘clean up well,’ if you ever went out representing them.”

    In the past, I have never interviewed for a major position that would need a suit and tie for an interview, but now that I am looking at the corporate world, I can see that it is necessary.

    Another thing that Lewis taught me is that it is important to tailor your résumé and cover letter to represent the company that you are applying to.

    Career Services has a nice library online that has samples of resumes, cover letters and other documents to use as guides.

    I reworked my résumé to look more professional and now I am feeling more ready for an interview.

    I encourage anyone looking to get ready for an internship or interview to go to Career Services to get some help with preparing. They can really be helpful.

    To make an appointment, find Lewis and the rest of the staff at


    Miles George
    Staff Writer
    Published Oct. 24, 2012

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