Kingsman E-Sports bridges athletics, gaming


Photo courtesy of Balkouras Nicos on Unsplash

This semester, Cal Lutheran senior Andrew Praw launched the new club Kingsman E-Sports.

Jacqueline Flores, Reporter

California Lutheran University senior, Andrew Praw, launched a new club this semester: Kingsman E-Sports.

Praw said in a phone interview that there are currently seven members, but the club is open to anyone.

“We have people in various different games. I’m more of a PC type of person, but if you like to play video games on the Nintendo Switch or games on any consoles we have that as well,” Praw said.

The club had their first meeting Oct. 17 to discuss their logo and determine which digital communication platform to use, which Praw said will likely be Discord.

Praw said he and the club’s faculty adviser Bruce Gillies were inspired by e-sports programs on other campuses and thought now is the right time to bring Cal Lutheran the same opportunity.

“I saw an article regarding the [University of California Irvine] Esports team. It is an intercollegiate team that has an awesome Esports arena.  They seemed to be really up on the cutting edge,” Gillies said in an email interview. “I thought, our students are probably engaged in Esports playing in their dorm rooms. Why not give them a format and supportive environment for it.”

Gillies said he contacted former President Chris Kimball, who thought the club would be a great idea as well.

“So I reached out to Zareh Marselian, the [chief information officer] of [information] technology. He was all for it, as was the [Director of] Athletic[s], Dan Kuntz,” Gillies said.

In a phone interview, Cal Lutheran junior and member of the Kingsman E-Sports club, Dalton Kimbro, said during the first meeting they got to know each other and talked about how to “legitimize” the club.

“We’re not trying to play competitively. We just want to have fun and play video games and for those who do want to compete we want to try to set up events against other schools and other teams,” Kimbro said.

Kimbro said a Cal Lutheran football player joined the first meeting and the club is hopeful that in the future more football players will join to add Madden to their e-sports playbook.

Gillies said he envisions the e-sports club eventually competing with other colleges and perhaps even professional teams.

“I’ve not played e-sports or any computer games since I played Castle Wolfenstein in the ’90s.  But I’m not opposed to jumping in if someone is willing to show me the ropes. Would be great to get other faculty involved as well,” Gillies said.

You can join the new Kingsman E-Sports club by getting in touch with Praw via email.

“We are just here for both the casual and competitor gamer,” Praw said. “We want you if you just like to play video games.”