iCLU mixes things up with a little gossip, rock and sports

iCLU, the student-run online radio station, is now up and running at their location on north campus.

With the new semester iCLU has a number of new programs, featuring everything from football and classic rock to celebrity gossip.

iCLU broadcasts 24 hours a day online at iCLUradio.com. Live programs run from 6 p.m. Monday through Friday with music and news updates around the clock.

Kassidy Hansen hosts “Radioactive Rock.”

Her show features her own favorite rock and alternative rock songs, along with commentary about those bands.

“I like to play things that people haven’t heard before, or haven’t listened to in a while,” said Hansen. “I like the idea that they let me go in for an hour and play my favorite music.”

When she applied for the job at iCLU in March, Hansen cut a demo with only six songs and some commentary. From that demo, her advisers told her she was a natural. She has kept up ever since.

“Gossip Girls” is another show featured on iCLU. “Gossip Girls” is a talk show centered on celebrity gossip, technology news and the different events on CLU’s campus.

Each episode features host Kat McConnell and guests in a panel discussion format. Any CLU student can be a guest an McConnell’s panel.

“We have a panel discussion. It’s fun. It’s like talking to your friends about the [celebrity] news,” said McConnell.

One of McConnell’s favorite guests was Alex Duffant, a sophomore and a participant on “Jeopardy.”

She and her co-host asked him rapid-fire questions that he answered on the spot.

The other iCLU pop-culture radio program is “Kicking Back” with Ronnie Burton and Andi Ferraud-Shepher.

“Basically, we talk about anything and everything,” said Burton. “We talk about pop culture, events, we have special guests, [and] we bash on celebrities. It’s supposed to be comedic. It’s lighthearted and humorous.”

“Kicking Back” also features funny or insightful stories straight from the students about life on campus.

iCLU also provides sports programming in its lineup. “Back of the Class” is an NFL-based radio program with hosts Keir Chapman, David Lopez and Andrew Domanski who actually met in the back of a class that they took together.

They discussed sports in the back of their class and thought that it would be nice to have a sports radio show on iCLU.

In the “Back of the Class” segment, Chapman, Lopez and Domanski break down the team match-ups, teams and players in the NFL.

“We know the sport. We love the sport, and love talking about it, so there is passion in it and interest there,” said Chapman.

Chapman, McConnell, Hansen and Burton expressed that they would like listeners to give feedback on Facebook and Twitter about their programs. Visit iCLU’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/icluradio and on Twitter @iCLURadio.

“iCLU has just started. It’s a student run radio station and we want it to grow,” said Burton. “We want it to be one of the best student-run, campus run radio stations in the country. We’re looking for people who want to be on the radio, want to have their own show, so that we can fill up all the dead air. We have 24-hours a day that we can be playing music, or have a show.”

To listen to any of the radio shows on iCLU, go to www.icluradio.com. Also check out page 4 for complete iCLU radio schedule.


Elessandria Smith
Staff Writer
Published Oct. 31, 2012