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    iPhones stolen from Kingsmen

    Three iPhones and one iPod were stolen from several Kingsmen football players’ lockers during the Homecoming football game.

    The identity of the suspect or suspects is still unknown.

    “I had my iPhone stolen,” said Donald Senegal, a senior and wide receiver for the football team. “It was an iPhone 4. For me it’s not even the phone part.”

    Senegal said the worst part about his phone being stolen is how he lost pictures he had on the phone of his daughter, Brooklyn.

    “They took my phone, but the pictures that they took were like her first of sitting up, or eating, or stuff like that,” said Senegal.

    The incident occurred during the Homecoming football game on Saturday, Oct. 20.

    “It happened during the Homecoming game and their stuff was removed in the locker room,” said Fred Miller, director of Campus Safety for California Lutheran University.

    The theft occurred between 12:20 and 12:45 p.m. in the football players locker room in William Rolland Stadium.

    Miller said both the Thousand Oaks Police Department and CLU have an open, on-going investigation.

    The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said it is working with the school’s security to try and find out what happened.

    “There was a call to us on Oct. 20. It initially had indicated that 10 lockers had been broken into,” said Sgt. Jeff Miller. “The school security began an investigation. It appears they have only identified four actual victims that they can locate.”

    Sgt. Miller said that due to lack of information, they are now more interested in trying to track the stolen devices than find the suspects due to lack of information.
    Miller would not disclose exactly how they are trying to track the stolen items.

    “There is some follow up going on, but it’s more towards identifying each piece of property and seeing if we can get serial numbers and things like that,” said Sgt. Miller. “Right now there is no suspect information.”

    Senegal said that he had an idea of who the thief was.

    He said that he was told that they were going to be questioned as well.

    Senegal said he used his phone for information such as appointments for his daughter and also as a camera.

    Sgt. Miller said they are leaving the follow up to Campus Safety because several of them are former law officers and they know what the police department is looking for.

    “On something like this where we don’t have any suspect information to go on they are trying to do some other follow up, talk to other people while they are on campus,” said Miller. “Unfortunately there is not a whole lot for us to do right now.”


    Heather Ford
    Staff Writer
    Published Nov. 8, 2012

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