Nomie!’s debut album ‘Seven’ is a ‘sacred’ work


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Maya Fleming, Cal Lutheran student and musical artist also known as Nomie! released her debut album, “Seven,” on Feb. 15.

Whitaker Proll-Clark, Reporter

Maya Fleming, also known as Nomie!, is a student and musical artist attending California Lutheran University. Her debut album, “Seven,” was made with the help of other Cal Lutheran artists and released on Feb. 15.

Fleming said she started singing at the age of seven.

“I know I can sing, I know how to write music, why not turn this into something more?” Fleming said in a phone interview.

Fleming has a broad spectrum of interests and talents that she was able to invest in this debut album.

Fleming was introduced to her label, “Respect the Real,” by her cousin who works on the production team, Cal Lutheran student and musical artist Urael Blackshear.

“[Fleming] took her favorite influencers, styles of music and styles [of] writing, and then threw her signature confident energy on every track,” Blackshear said.

Blackshear said he advised her to explore different styles of music and not get boxed into one sound.

“My main advice to her was to be versatile from the outset because unfortunately the world will try to box you in on their own,” Blackshear said.

Fleming said she has never been the type of person who seeks notoriety.

“I’ve never been a person who wanted fame… I don’t want to be in the spotlight,” Fleming said.

The album took three years to complete, beginning with the song “Sugar Honey,” Fleming said. During those three years there were many demos and different versions of the songs until Fleming and the producers came to an agreement on what sounded best.

The romantic journey that one experiences when falling in love was the most influential theme of Nomie!’s album.

“The album follows the story of love,” Nomie! said.

For example, the introductory song on the album, “Dance With Me!,” references a club scene with people dancing together and catching each other’s eye in romantic interest.

The name of the album came from religious influence in Fleming’s life. Fleming said she decided to name her album after a symbol in the Bible.

 “The number seven appears in the Bible when everything is complete,” Fleming said.

Fleming considers her self-expression to be “sacred” and wants others to know of it. By singing her truth, Fleming says, she seeks understanding from people who are listening to her music.