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    iPad Mini shows Apple’s creative weakness

    On April 3, 2010, Apple surpassed all other technology companies with the release of the first Apple tablet, the iPad.

    People like myself were shocked as we admired this new space-age technology. I remember sitting, holding it in my hand and thinking, “Apple will never have to worry about competition anymore.” No one would ever catch up.

    It’s now November 2012 and Apple has released the iPad Mini just in time for the holidays.

    This Goliath of the technology world is beginning to feel rocks thrown at it by Amazon, Blackberry and Samsung.

    The Blackberry Playbook, the Kindle by Amazon and Samsung Galaxy tablets have convenient size, tons of memory space, the ability to use cellular data and the ability to do everything that the iPad does, all for a cheaper price.

    We live in a country where size is everything. Our inner consumer screams out, “Make it smaller,” while we get bigger and bigger.

    Apple has shown signs of weakness since the death of the beloved Steve Jobs.

    Since Jobs’ death, we haven’t had a major technological advancement in any Apple product.

    There have been upgrades in “retina display,” also known as  an extra color modification or sharper images.

    Apple has also increased or decreased the sizes of its existing products and has changed the wires used.

    iPhone users: take a good look at your iPhone and then look at the iPhone 5. There is a change in port, Wi-Fi, graphics, and size and the charger has been modified. That’s it, and there is a $100 difference between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s.

    Wake up, Apple users. Take a good look at what this company is trying to do. After building what was initially a superior product, Apple has now turned into some sort of cult. If you stray from the pack, you will be knocked off.

    I can’t even get Apple employees to talk to me about how much they love their work and the products they sell, because they’re not allowed to give any sort of public opinion about Apple or its products.

    You could argue that Apple is listening to its consumers and providing them with what they want. Many complained that the iPad first generation was too big and were waiting for a smaller version.

    “Apple products are just very appealing to me,” said junior Isabelle Kaellenius. “I’ve wanted an iPad but wanted it to be smaller.”

    Apple went from being immortal to being vulnerable.

    They once seemed like champions, holding a death grip on the technological world. Now other major brands are able to compete with the once unbeatable company.

    I would not purchase the iPad Mini with my own earnings.

    I see no need to buy it. I have the iPad first generation which hasn’t changed since I purchased it because they all do the same thing. I can waste $329 in a more appropriate manner anyway.

    If Apple doesn’t blow our minds soon, the current big fish will turn into fish and chips.


    Rafael Padilla
    Staff Writer
    Published Nov. 14, 2012


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