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    Frisbee club gets the ultimate workout

    Senior Hunter Horn is a four-year member of the CLU football team.  But twice a week he trades in the pigskin for a Frisbee disk.

    You can find Horn and the Ultimate Frisbee Club in Kingsmen Park, but don’t mistake the casual venue for a relaxed workout.

    “There’s not a lot of standing around. It’s a pretty fast-paced game,” said Horn.  “This game has a lot of similarities to football.  You’re making cuts, you’re aggressive, you’re fast.  There’s not really a lot of sports that really do that.”

    The demanding part of Ultimate Frisbee is something that senior club president Will Kennedy has experienced first hand.

    “It’s football without all the setup plays,” said Kennedy, who swam for California Lutheran University in the past.  “You’ve got big passes going up and people jumping over people’s heads to make catches.  You’ll get some guys flying through the air in some aspects.”

    The club, which meets and plays Wednesday from 3:30 to 5 p.m. and Friday from 3 to 5 p.m., is currently in its second full year.

    For anyone who is interested in playing, the club’s Facebook page says that it caters to all skill levels of ultimate frisbee play.  Kennedy said that he was new to the game when he first started playing at CLU.

    “I started out last year only kind of barely knowing how to throw a back hand a little bit,” said Kennedy.  “Some people certainly learn faster than others.”

    The sport can be picked up by almost anyone.  The group really isn’t particular about who shows up.  Kennedy says that anyone who has played sports like basketball, soccer or football is perfectly fit for the sport.

    Kennedy is planning to coordinate an ultimate Frisbee showcase and freshman dorm tournament.  Kennedy also wants to have an all around CLU ultimate Frisbee tournament.  Both are in the works right now and will be launched during the spring semester.

    Moving forward the group hopes to expand and grow.

    “When I inherit the kingdom, I just want to keep it going,” said sophomore Josh Summers.

    Summers is currently in line to be the club president next year after Kennedy graduates.

    “It’s not really a complicated club to run.  I just need to make sure people come out and keep morale up.”

    As it stands right now, the group is simply a burn-off-steam-and-come-out-and-have-fun kind of atmosphere.  Although once the game starts it does get competitive. At this point it’s just organized scrimmages.  However, Summers says, that could change in the future.

    “It’s something I want to see happen, but it kind of depends on the group itself,” said Summers in regard to the possibility of going out and competing against other universities.

    “It’s a time commitment and right now the feeling we get is that people want to just come out and play for fun.  So it’s a possibility, but I don’t know how plausible it really is.”
    Horn knows a thing or two about working out after being a tight end for the CLU football team for four years.

    “Football’s all about five to seven seconds hard with a good break in between,” said Horn.  “In this one you, have to pressure a lot more and you’re moving all the time.  It’s more comparable to soccer in that way, in that there’s not a lot of breaks.”

    For more information regarding CLU’s Ultimate Frisbee Club, go to and search CLU ultimate Frisbee club, or contact Kennedy at [email protected].


    David Lopez
    Sports Editor
    Published Dec. 12, 2012



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