Celebrating 60 years of Kingsmen football


Photo by Ysabella Gonzalez-Reporter

This past weekend marked the 60 year anniversary of Kingsmen football.

Ysabella Gonzalez, Reporter

On Saturday, Oct. 2, the 5th Quarter Football Boosters Club hosted an event celebrating 60 years of Kingsmen football. There were many guests and speakers brought in to talk and help support the club and the school’s football team. 

In a phone call interview, a former Sports Information Director at Cal Lutheran, Gerald Price, explained that football had helped save the school in 1971. Since then, the club has tried to help the players with whatever they may need by hosting events, like the one on Saturday, to fundraise money for them. 

“These are stories that need to be told and we need to get them out there,” Price said.

The speakers that were chosen by the club all hold significance to Cal Lutheran’s football history, whether it was by being directly involved in the sport or by helping the club organize things. Each speaker that had gone up spoke about their own experience with the sport and as a Kingsmen.

One of the attendees was the President of the 5th Quarter Football club, Bob Trevathan. 

“This means everything to us,” Trevathan said. 

He explained the history of the sport at Cal Lutheran and his own experience attending the school, what it was like upon arrival, the community as a whole, and the sense of family. He even went on, listing accomplishments others have had, such as players that went professional, a professor that got an award from the president at the time, and titles people have gained over their lives. Expressing just how far everyone has gone, because of the school and their football program.

“We are celebrating—not only football—but all the accomplishments of all those players as well,” Trevathan said. 

He reminisced about previous memories and how everyone there owes the school for the futures and lives they have built.

“It’s our home,” Trevathan said.

James Kallas shared the same feelings as Trevathan. He used to play the sport and later became a coach for the team. He said he still thinks about his time as a player. 

“They were the finest years of my entire life,” Kallas said. 

Mike Sheppard, a player of the team back in 1971, also gave a speech about his experience on the team and as a student.

“The people here is what it’s all about for me,” Sheppard said.

Another speaker, Lynn Thompson, who was a player in 1965 and was presenting the Above and Beyond award, spoke about how he owed who he was today to the school. 

Hank Bauer, another player that had gone professional, also spoke. He listed every accomplishment he had, but gave all the credit to the school for making it possible.

“I am proud to be a Kingsmen,” Bauer said.

The event even brought people who never played on the football team, like Ragnar Storm-Larsen. He instead watched every game and continues to support the Kingsmen years after he has graduated, saying that being back was like a reunion.

“It was a wonderful experience,” Storm-Larsen said.

The Vice President of University Advancement, Regina Biddings-Muro, had also gone to give a speech. She focused on how football kept the school open and how she herself is an avid supporter of the 5th Quarter Football Club.

She talked about how she hopes the club will keep going and keep supporting the school, a sentiment that several people agreed with as they shared their own stories with the sport. 

“Thank you to the 5th Quarter for all the things you do for California Lutheran University,” Biddings-Muro said.