First-year head football coach Anthony Lugo, reflects on the season

Emilee Fine, Reporter

After 14 years of working in the California Lutheran University football program, Anthony Lugo was named the head coach of their football team in May 2021. 

“I was very lucky to get my first college coaching job here at Cal Lutheran. Coach McEnroe gave me my first opportunity to become a college coach and I am very blessed for that opportunity,” Lugo said. 

Lugo said that he had great high school and college football coaches that changed his life. When Lugo was given the opportunity to play college football, he felt that he had always wanted to repay that by becoming a football coach. 

“When I got into coaching my number one goal was to help student athletes get to college, and to be able to not only get a great education but to also play some really good football,” Lugo said. 

Lugo said that his favorite part of coaching is being able to help young men grow in all areas of life, not just in football. 

“It has been a blast. Everyday we try to stay focused as staff and an overall team on our goals as a team, which is to get a little bit better each and every day. Focus on the little things and with that has come so much growth,” Lugo said. 

He said that football is such a great sport that is able to teach so many valuable and beneficial life lessons.

“Our coaching staff has done a great job. We have brought in some really great hires across the board and they have all done a great job. Everyone loves Cal Lutheran. I believe that to be a great coach, you have to be a great teacher and everyone of these coaches are great teachers,” Lugo said.

Defensive Coordinator and Linebacker Coach for Cal Lutheran Michael DiFiori said that he was Lugo’s football coach when he was in high school and said that it has been awesome to be able to watch him grow as a person, player, and coach throughout the years of knowing him.

“Coach Lugo is all about the process. He cares about developing good, young men and being there for them while dealing with the values of hard work, and always following through with all commitments,” DiFiori said. 

Junior defensive back Gabriel Hernandez said that Lugo is a good coach, motivator, and a person who always drives the football team to want to be successful, work harder and to strive to always get better. 

“We trust him and he trusts us. He is a really good guy to play for, and is a guy you would want to play for because he cares so much,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said that no matter winning or losing in a football game, Lugo is always honest about getting back to work and working even harder than before. 

“He is always encouraging us to do well and always asks us if we need help with anything. If any of the guys need help he is pretty much always the first one there to try to help anyone out,” Hernandez said.