Senior women’s basketball athlete Cameron Mallory has big goals for this season

Youssef Aldossary, Reporter

When it’s all said and done, California Lutheran University Women’s Basketball team athlete Cameron Mallory wants to look back on her senior season and say that she left it all on the court and that she worked hard in every practice and every game.

Mallory said she wants to leave an impact on this program that goes far beyond just the game of basketball.

“I have one more year to play this sport at a competitive level, so I have big goals for not only myself but for my team as well,” Mallory said.

Mallory believes that basketball has taught her the values of leadership, effective communication and how to work well on a team which will translate to life after basketball.

“Basketball has always played a significant role in my life,” Mallory said.

The Regal has played basketball since she was five years old, and she is thankful that through the years the game has taught her more than she could have ever imagined.

“Not only have I accomplished a lot on the court, but my success off the court is what really resonates with me,” Mallory said.

Her goal is to win the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championship and she is very confident that her team has all of the pieces to come out on top this year.

“Without a doubt, every single one of us believes in this goal and we will do everything we can until we can get there” Mallory said.

With four years of college basketball experience, Mallory feels that she is a vocal leader, especially to her younger teammates. 

“They know they can come and talk to me and ask any questions to help themselves better understand a drill/play,” Mallory said.

 Mallory motivates her teammates by being the hardest worker on the court.

“I am the one who leads by example,” Mallory said.

She is very excited for the upcoming spring as she will be traveling to Italy to play basketball and represent the United States. She will be playing alongside other division III athletes from around the country.

“It will be a great opportunity for me to experience different cultures, while playing the sport that I love with people I have never met before,” Mallory said.

Kelli DiMuro, head women’s basketball coach said that Mallory has excellent work ethic and consistently shows this in practice.

“Mallory is a highly skilled player who is calm, cool and collected on the court,” DiMuro said.

DiMuro strongly believes that with Mallory’s leadership, the team will thrive in all areas as she is a top- notch dynamic leader.

“I trust her and my team to come out in our first tournament and bring tenacity, toughness and effort in Portland and in Las Vegas,” DiMuro said.

 DiMuro shared that Mallory rooms with two sophomores and one other senior and she is very connected with her teammates and always makes the effort to check in with them.

“She truly is the voice of the team,” DiMuro said.

DiMuro advises Mallory to have no regrets for her senior year and continue to be more creative on defense and offense and trust her teammates along with believing in the system.

“We are a young team, but with our leadership, we can grow together and bring home wins each tournament,” DiMuro said.