Mason Johnson’s terrific senior season continues

Jessica Brouse, Reporter

Mason Johnson is a senior who plays guard for the Kingsmen basketball team. He’s from from Oxnard, California and is studying Psychology at California Lutheran University.

He started playing basketball when he was four. Johnson said he enjoyed the sport of basketball because of how challenging it was, and the work he put in made him fall in love with the game.

As a guard, Johnson’s mid range game has helped him improve a lot this year.

“Losing is never okay. But I’d rather lose and get better than win and kind of just stay the same. I think knowing the end result of getting better each day to get to the end goal, which is winning a championship,” Johnson said. 

Head Basketball Coach Russell White for the Kingsmen said that Johnson is a guy that can score the ball with his terrific instincts. Coach White has been coaching high school basketball for 25 years. And has been coaching at Cal Lutheran for three years. 

“He’s the leading rebounder and he’s got a nose for the ball. We got one game left before the league tournament next week. I would say we’re all a little disappointed in where we’re at, but we’re all so hopeful about where we can go from there,” White said. 

Johnson goes on to say how Coach White is a good coach and that, “he has an established background and has coached a lot of guys that have been really good,” Johnson said.

Coach White pushes him to become great and he doesn’t allow him to settle or get comfortable. 

“It’s easy when you’re good to be complacent at times, but he always pushed me to that next level. And sometimes I don’t want to hear it, you know. It’s for the bigger picture and just trying to help me get better. So I really appreciate that a lot,” Johnson said.

To stay motivated after losses, Johnson always trusts the process and takes it one day at a time. 

“You’re going to go through times during the season where there’s highs and there’s lows, but always just remaining level-headed is very important because you’re going to go through adversity, but you know, you have to trust your work and know that all the work you put in will eventually show…” Johnson said. 

Assistant Coach for the Kingsmen basketball, Dagem Asfaw said that Johnson’s leadership on and off the court has been really good. He cares about others and overall is a great person. 

“I love his leadership attributes. He is a great leader and is always encouraging players and pushing players to push their hardest as well as try to achieve the goal, which is winning the game and playing good basketball. He’s just been a great senior leader and just guiding the younger guys and giving them the confidence to perform on the floor,” Asfaw said.

One person Johnson said inspires him the most is his mother. She has always been a hard worker and has always relayed that same message to him as well as his appreciation for God

“I definitely always appreciate God and give my thanks to him,” Johnson said 

Johnson will continue his senior year playing for the Kingsmen with the idea of playing professionally once he graduates from Cal Lutheran.  

Kingsmen basketball is now getting ready for the league tournament and has a record of 15-7 on the season.