Regals softball comes up short in a double-header against the Whitworth Pirates


Photo by Elisa Zody-Reporter

Senior pitcher Sammy Edmonds tries to punch out her opponent.

Elisa Zody, Reporter

Regals softball hosted a double-header against the Whitworth Pirates on Friday, Feb. 18. Unfortunately the team had a tough time making plays on the field and their season record stands at 0-4. 

The first game of the day almost ended in a tie, but the Regals ultimately lost with a final score of 5-4. The Regals were behind by three but made a strong comeback and scored two runs in the last inning, one away from going into extra innings.

The Regals were able to out-hit the Pirates with 10 hits compared to four. Assistant Coach John Barry said that he was proud of the girls for battling at the plate. 

Sophomore center fielder Ashley Membrere had a good day scoring two runs. After the first game she said that despite losing, she feels their energy was high and they are in a good spot leading into the next game and conference games which start Friday, Feb. 25. 

“I think that we were really energetic, we were really into it, and we came out here with a positive mindset and ready to work hard,“ Membrere said. 

Senior Mia Onesto and first-year Hanna Booth also stood out with two hits each.

It was senior pitcher Sammy Edmonds’s first game back since having COVID-19. She pitched for 5 ⅓  innings during the first game and said she was excited to be back on the field. Edmonds only allowed one walk and finished with four strikeouts.

“We had good energy and we didn’t get complacent at all. Sometimes we have innings where we are comfortable but we were able to keep a consistent rhythm,” Edmonds said.

After the first game, the team gathered to share constructive feedback. 

“We talked about making adjustments when it’s really timely and when we have opportunities just to jump on it,” Edmonds said.

In the second game of the doubleheader, the Regals started out with two quick runs but were unable to maintain the momentum. After the Pirates hit a homerun in the fourth inning, they became difficult to catch. The game ended in the fifth inning due to the mercy rule with a score of 11-2. 

Junior Makayla Lopez was able to get a hit at all three of her at-bats and scored one of the two runs in the first inning.

After the two games, Coach Barry said that losing is important for learning and taking accountability for how you play.

“When you fail, that’s the best time to learn. That’s how you get better, not just in softball but in life,” Barry said. 

Barry was very positive about moving forward and preparing for the Regals first conference game on Friday.

“It’s good to lose early. From a coaching standpoint that gives you the best opportunity to teach and try to get these kids better,” Barry said. “If we do well in the conference everyones going to forget about these games.”

The Regals will play Claremont-Mudd-Scripps at home this Friday, Feb. 25 at 2 p.m. followed by a double-header on Saturday at Claremont-Mudd-Scripps.