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    Immigration reform should include a pathway to citzenship

    Washington is currently working to create new immigration laws that will make lasting changes to the U.S.

    The House and Senate are formulating a plan that will allow both parties to be comfortable and ready to move forward.

    I am completely for immigration reform, and for a plan that will give more permanent statuses to those who are here.

    Giving amnesty to illegal immigrants seems as though the U.S. is rewarding people for breaking the law, but if the border is secure, the people who are here are most likely going to stay here anyway.

    According to the news agency, Reuters, President Barack Obama is all for finding a clear plan for citizenship for illegal immigrants.

    This is a complex issue and something that almost everyone has a strong opinion on.

    โ€œThis is a difficult and very controversial topic. I would have to say that I am somewhat biased when it comes to this topic because it does affect people I know,โ€ said Elizabeth Ochoa, a student support services academic counselor at CLU. โ€œI believe that in most cases, people in this situation did not choose to come to the U.S., but were brought here as newborns or infants by their parents who sought better opportunities. To say they โ€˜need to go back to their countryโ€™ does not do justice to the fact that the U.S. is all they have ever known.โ€

    Ochoa makes a valid point in that many illegal immigrants have been here for so long that it seems, to some, their home country.

    Children who work so hard in school and make a better life for themselves get hit with road block after road block when they are trying just as hard as everyone else.

    โ€œThese young adults yearn to contribute to society by going to college, join the workforce, buy a homeโ€ฆeverything any one of us would like to do,โ€ said Ochoa. โ€œInstead, they are faced with closed doors. Granting them amnesty would not only allow them to contribute to our society, but it would support the foundation of what the U.S. was built on: Immigrants.โ€

    Ochoaโ€™s words could not be said better.

    According to senior Ivy Nguyen, the idea that the Senate and House are working together is great because then the illegal immigrants who are going to stay here will be able to start doing things legally.

    I agree with Nguyen because it is definitely time to deal with an issue that has only receivedย  short-term solutions.

    Not everyone is thrilled with this idea or the possibility that we could be giving people who have broken the law a free pass.
    Senior Emily Masad makes a good point as to where some frustration can be found.

    โ€œI think that this may be unfair to all the people who are trying to enter the U.S. legally,โ€ said Masad. โ€œWhen I was in London over the summer, a few people told me how difficult it was to get into the U.S., so I hope this wouldnโ€™t hurt their chances.โ€
    There are many sides to the issue, but it seems only time will tell if progress will be made.


    Veronica Manzo
    Staff Writer
    Published Feb. 13, 2013

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