Cal Lutheran Regals lacrosse falls short to Southwestern Pirates


Photo by Ysabella Gonzalez- Reporter

Coach McIntyre is very proud of the effort and commitment that the Regals are putting into every game.

Ysabella Gonzalez, Reporter

On Wednesday, March 16, the California Lutheran University Regals lacrosse team played against the Southwestern University Pirates from Texas. The game had begun with a strong 3-0 lead by the Regals in the first quarter, but the Pirates quickly made a comeback. Ending the game with the final score of 4-19. 

Head Coach Laura McIntyre, better known as Coach Mac, said that going into this game, her players were very excited. 

“We were really excited going into this game. We were really pumped up because we are playing teams tonight, and later this week and next week, that are non-conference, so we have teams coming in from out of state that are coming in to play so it’s nice to get a look at somebody we don’t know a whole lot about because we don’t play them consistently,” McIntyre said. 

McIntyre wasn’t the only one who said they were excited for the game. Senior midfielder and defender Sloan Sanders also had a good outlook going into the game.

“We had nothing to lose going into it, so we were really positive going in,” Sanders said.

Still, the Regals weren’t clear of their troubles, as sophomore midfielder Giselle Bonilla pointed out. 

“It’s hard having no subs and sometimes that brings you down, but when we are all on the same page, we all come together and that’s when it feels good,” Bonilla said.

As the game carried on, McIntyre had switched players around into different positions to try and compensate for whatever they may not be used to. This strategy served as a way to keep the Regals pushing on in the game, even as they lost their lead.

“We felt really really good at the beginning and then we lost a little bit of our pressure and a little bit of our confidence, but I think that we stayed strong throughout the entire rest of the game,” McIntyre said.

Ending the game, both the players and the coach were in positive spirits. 

“They were resilient and kept pushing, so it was good to see their efforts never waver throughout the entire game,” Coach Mac said.

Sanders also spoke about the team’s efforts.  

“We are in a building gear and it’s only up from here,” Sanders said.

Bonilla said her own feelings about how the team’s season was going.

“We are like underdogs right now, but once you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up,” Bonilla said.

Moving forward McIntyre hopes to work on ground balls and transitions as Sanders and Bonilla both said they would focus more on their conditioning. 

In the end, McIntyre still remains proud of her team.

“I am so incredibly proud of them, they work so hard everyday and because we have had some injuries and other stuff these past couple weeks… they are giving it everything they have at every moment. I can’t ask them to do more than the best that they have for me everyday, and that’s what they do. Regardless of what the scoreboard says, regardless of what’s happening, they work hard,” Coach Mac said. 

The next home game will be on Monday, March 21, at 7 p.m. against the Pacific University Boxers.