Angel City FC strikes a deal with Cal Lutheran


Photo contributed by Amy Chastain

Angel City FC will now be training players at Cal Lutheran. They join the Los Angeles Rams as the two teams to practice on Cal Lutheran’s campus.

Melodie Truchi, Reporter

California Lutheran University will now be home to training players of Angel City Football Club Women’s Soccer Team.  

Director of Corporate Partnerships at Angel City FC Alex Mallen made this deal possible through her connection of being a Cal Lutheran alumna.

Mallen said Angel City FC was looking at facilities across Los Angeles but it was challenging especially with the pandemic to find a location that made sense. Mallen paired up with Cal Lutheran’s Director of Athletics Holly Roepke to work on the deal.

Roepke said one of the things that she really wanted to identify in the deal was making sure it was a true partnership.

Mallen said the end goal for this deal was to not only provide an elite facility for their players as they are working to grow their club, but to also support students, student athletes and the community.

Mallen said opportunities for Cal Lutheran students have already begun as there are various internships being offered for soccer operations, marketing and public relations. She hopes students will want to get involved in having this opportunity to learn hands-on. 

Mallen, having played Women’s Basketball at Cal Lutheran hopes this opportunity will elevate women’s sports.

“They will offer educational sessions and internship opportunities for students, they will also offer some educational opportunities for professionals,” Roepke said.

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success Matthew Ward also spoke about how the partnership will serve both the team and students.

“The goal has been to develop a partnership, where there are things that we want to accomplish in service to our mission, that match up with the things that they’re trying to do for their mission. And education is a big, big part of that,” Ward said. 

This deal is also ensuring the north field will be redone, including a new track.

“We are long overdue for a track. And so it is one of my highest priorities. And so in this arrangement they’ve started construction on the field portion of the area that Angel City will utilize,” Roepke said. 

Roepke said in every conversation they would always reference the north field as the future home for the new track.

Mallen said one factor that stands out to her in working on this deal is being able to come back and share experiences with students.

“I know when I was at Cal Lutheran, you know, hearing guest speakers was always super important, because you got to hear from folks who were doing the work,” Mallen said. 

Mallen said her worlds are colliding in the best way possible.

“To be able to have the support of the university that I went to, and the passion for what we are building in Angel City with our team here, I’m grateful,” Mallen said.

Cal Lutheran has much to offer Roepke said.

“One of the things Cal Lutheran has is we have land, we have space, and we have opportunity. And so we were able to lean into all of those to be able to make those happen,” Roepke said. 

Mallen said there was a sense of synergy as they started evolving in conversation to really create something that truly was a win for everybody involved. 

Ward said hopefully there will be a lot of people on April 29 at the Bank of California stadium for the kickoff of their season. 

Roepke said she is looking forward to what this deal has to offer to students. 

“I am really excited to be in partnership with Angel City. I think it adds value for Cal Lutheran, for our students, for student athletes, for professionals on campus, just the opportunity to to be in partnership with a club that has such great mission alignment with Cal Lutheran,” Roepke said.