iCLU radio encourages students to creatively express interests


Photo by Alexa Weisbond

Harrison Dunkel, host of “The Backhouse Table” show on ICLU radio, is joined by his friend, Michael Effatian, who helping Dunkel prepare for his show.

Alexa Weisbond, Reporter

California Lutheran University’s student-run, web-based radio station, iCLU Radio, is for any students who are looking for a creative outlet that enables unique artistic expression and thought on a wide range of topics, whether it be sports, music, art, etc. 

There is currently an iCLU radio class and an iCLU radio club. According senior Lainey Ranjo, president of the iCLU radio club, the iCLU radio class is more technique based, focusing on the basics of the radio industry and the dynamics of radio alongside students running their own show, while the club plans events, hears from guest speakers and are able to develop their own show as well. 

Ranjo said that one of her favorite things about the club is how open it is to anyone interested in the entertainment world or if you just love to talk about a certain subject. 

“I think it has a really great message that no matter what you’re studying in school right now or what you’re interested in, you have a place in this club,” Ranjo said. “We will welcome you with open arms and we’ll teach you as much as you can and as much as you want to learn.” 

When Ranjo got involved with the iCLU Radio club during her first year, she instantly knew it was the right place for her.

“Freshman year, I fell in love with the club. It was amazing, all the people were great. It was like a tight-knit family and everyone was just excited to share all of these experiences together and collaborate with one another and just be involved in a creative environment,” Ranjo said.

Sophomore Carissa Melton has had her music show for a year and a half that airs every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. She said she enjoys talking about music, pop culture and other things she is interested in with her audience. 

“My last show I just had was an ABBA themed night, so I kind of like, take requests from people who listen in to the show and I ask them what they want to hear,” Melton said. “It’s always something new, I make my playlists the day of the show.” 

Senior Harrison Dunkel, who is enrolled in the iCLU radio class, goes live every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m., airing his sports-oriented show titled “The Backhouse Table.”

“The reason why it’s called ‘The Backhouse Table’ is ’cause last year I lived in a house with eight guys and at the end of the night we’d meet at this backhouse table where we’d just talk,” Dunkel said. “Talk about our day, talk about sports, either going around Cal Lu or MLB or the NFL, and I thought it was a great idea for a radio show.”

Another student in the iCLU radio class, senior Kevin Varnell, has his own show on Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. where he talks about cars and various car complaints. Varnell said one of his favorite experiences so far in taking the class is when he was able to have professor Fischer on his show.

“At the beginning of the semester actually, Spencer, the professor, Spencer Fischer, basically wanted us to choose something that we were an expert in and something we found interesting…funny enough he is actually a huge car fanatic just like me and so he’s actually been on my show and we just talked cars. I chose it because it was fun and I knew a lot about it,” Varnell said.

Dunkel said Fischer is supportive and open-minded toward the topics students choose for their shows.

“Professor Spencer Fischer…he’s the greatest of all time. He really knows how to bring out the emotion that you are hiding and he lets you do your own thing in the studio so there’s no repercussions, there’s never a wrong way to do it and he’s always supportive,” Dunkel said.

To get involved in the iCLU Radio Club, follow their Instagram @icluradio or reach out to Ranjo or Co-Station Managers Kyle Tamkin and Giana Gutridge.