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    Congress renews its promise to protect women

    Congress recently renewed the Violence Against Women Act, which had expired in September.

    I’m very happy they have renewed the act and that it now also includes the LGBT community and American Indians.

    “The newly-passed legislation creates and expands federal programs to assist local communities with law enforcement and aiding victims of domestic and sexual abuse,” said Ashley Parker, writer for the New York Times. “Most notably, the bill goes further by offering protections for gay, bisexual, or transgender victims of domestic abuse, as well as allowing American Indian women who are assaulted on reservations by non-Indians, to take their case to tribal courts, which otherwise would not have jurisdiction over assailants who do not live on tribal land,” Parker wrote.

    It’s great that this act was renewed because it is a reassurance for people who have gone through such violence that Congress takes it seriously and will take the time to ensure everyone is included in the added parts of the legislation.

    “For people who have been through something as serious as this topic, I think it’s important that there is an act that helps those who have experienced so much,” said sophomore Courtney Schmick.

    We have a lot of opportunities on campus for women to find their niche and to find support.

    Feminism Is… provides a place for students on campus to discuss these important issues. The club provides a place where “activists are free to speak out and promote dialogue on social issues with a specific emphasis on gender,” according to the club description. They also strive to “bring awareness of gender issues and inequality to CLU and its community.”

    This club is great because they help bring students together to understand gender issues, inequality and how to do more about them.  Recently, Feminism Is… cosponsored the Vagina Monologues, which brings to light serious topics of sexual assault and domestic violence. These topics are rarely talked about in public, but with these events, CLU is actively informing students.

    Feminism Is… will soon host Take Back the Night, an event meant to promote standing up against sexual violence. Take Back the Night will be held on Saturday, April 13.

    “It’s great that they have reinstated this act,” said Kacy Cashatt, junior co-president of Feminism Is…

    As a woman living at CLU, I feel safe, supported and know that there are many ways I can voice my opinion on being a woman in today’s society.

    “CLU does a great job supporting women in terms that the policies, staff and faculty are very supportive of women,” said Cashatt.

    According to the  New York Times, Representative Gwen Moore (D-WI) spoke passionately about the need to pass the Senate’s bill and the importance of including all women. As a victim of sexual violence, it was important for her to speak out for the cause.

    ‘‘As I think about the LGBT victims who are not here, the native women who are not here, the immigrants who aren’t in this bill, I would say, as Sojourner Truth would say, ‘Ain’t they women?’” said Moore.

    When I read Moore’s statement, I really felt her passion and really believed that this act needed to be expanded to embrace these groups.

    “I think that renewing this act is a good idea, and it surprises me that the groups added were not in the act from the very beginning,” said junior Kiersten Schmidt.

    It’s good that Congress is involving every community in the legislation we have to support women and rise up against violence.


    Veronica Manzo
    Staff Writer
    Published March 13, 2013

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