Career and Intern Expo becomes hub for professional connections


Daniel Johnson, Reporter

California Lutheran University’s Career Services hosted its bi-annual Career & Intern Expo with over 160 organizations in attendance, transforming The Spine into a bustling business market for professional connections.

The expo was designed to connect Cal Lutheran students to potential employers, with tables lined from the flagpoles by the Soiland Humanities building down to Swenson Center. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Wednesday, March 8 students were able to visit tables, enter a raffle for prizes and treat themselves to free baked goods and coffee.

Beth Probert, an insurance agent for the firm NYLIFE, said she was very impressed with the Cal Lutheran community and that she had not been to any of the previous expos.

“We’re looking for people that either want to intern and/or begin a career with NYLIFE; different backgrounds, different skills, success really transfers over,” Probert said.

The organizations present were not just related to the corporate world. The event included different companies, government organizations, non-profits and educational institutions related to business, healthcare, hospitality, insurance and more.

“We work with a variety of different skills that they may need a little help with,” said Mychal Duenas, talent acquisition specialist at FirstStep for Kids, an Americans with Disabilities Act organization that works with children with autism. “One of the things we look for in our instructors is especially those who have those soft skills…those who bring that great positive energy.”

Talia Hutchins, a junior marketing communications major, said that undergraduate students try to make as many connections as they can.

“I see that there’s a lot of marketing and business companies tabling out here… Marketing Maven is here, which we’ve talked to before at the PRSSA club,” Hutchins said.

Attendees were encouraged to dress professionally for a chance to take a photo for LinkedIn and had the opportunity to upload their resumes online to be reviewed before the event.

Sophomore sports management major Lincoln Hall said, “I’m just excited to explore the opportunities I have… I think the career fair has a lot of opportunities for me to look at.”

Senior marketing communications and global studies major Malin Tveranger said she was there for her second expo.

“I actually made a couple of connections and I connected with a couple of recruiters on LinkedIn… It was definitely a good experience,” Tveranger said. “Print your resume, CVs, greet people with a smile, a smile goes a long way.”