Lothario Parris ‘perfected his craft’ with album, ‘BEAUDRY’


Photo by Obinna Anyanwu

On Feb. 23, California Lutheran University senior Lothario Parris released his new name entitled “BEAUDRY.” “When people listen to my music, I hope they feel free and allow the melodies to enter their body,” Parris said.

Xanthe Schaub, Reporter

California Lutheran University senior Lothario Parris debuted the album “BEAUDRY”, which he has been working on over the past year on Feb. 23.

Beaudry means beauty but instead of it ending with ty, I put dry. I did that because my music is really beautiful with its core progressions and harmonies, but it’s really dry and rough with the sounds and textures I chose, combining beautiful and dry music,” Parris said. 

Parris, a music production major with an emphasis in multimedia, said his love for music started at the age of eight. He said that he only started taking it seriously during high school, and he has continued to pursue his passion throughout college.

“The album is about my life over the past year and everything I have learned and been through because in college I have learned a lot and have been able to branch out,” Parris said. “When people listen to my music, I hope they feel free and allow the melodies to enter their body,” Parris said. 

Parris said that Tyler The Creator and Jane the Child were artists that inspired his music. 

“Their music is so expansive and busy, which is not very typical. So, having a very unique sound is what I wanted to do with my music,” Parris said. 

Senior Obinna Anyanwu, Parris’ friend, helped with the creation of the album’s cover art as well as feedback on vocals. 

“I shot the cover for the album and it was really interesting to see his creative vision. He already had an idea of what he was looking for in terms of emotion and color. So all I really had to do was bring the equipment,” Anyanwu said. 

Anyanwu said that Parris has really zoned in on his music this year and has continued to work around the clock. 

“From an artist standpoint, he is very motivated and inspired by other unique artists sounds, which creates his distinctive sound,” Anyanwu said.

Another friend of Parris, senior Marc Munda, said Parris worked late hours to make sure that his songs were “up to par” with what he wanted to hear and what he wanted others to hear. 

“He does a lot of trial and error and the development from the last album he dropped called ‘Crowd Pleaser,’ you can hear a lot of the production differences. He has definitely perfected his craft,” Munda said. 

Parris said he has new music in the works and and is looking forward to performing as well as continuing to work on his music everyday. He said he plans to perform at CalLuPalooza on Friday, April 28.  

“He has been an inspiration to everyone in the house and has really put in the hard work and dedication into his music. His inspiration comes from everyday life and his experiences growing up and learning his own path in college,” Munda said.