Regals Softball’s woes continue as Redlands sweeps series


Photo by Eric Klang - Reporter

Olivia Vargas (pictured) prepares to hit the ball for the Regals, who have not had a winning record in the conference since 2015.

Eric Klang, Reporter

California Lutheran University Regals softball team lost against the University of Redlands Bulldogs 4-7 at home in the first game of a three-game series. This marked the tenth loss in a row for the Regals, who remain unable to find a win in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

“Mentally, I’m kind of like ‘c’mon let’s go’ because I know that our team is way better than how we play on the field, because, once the pressure is on, I feel like we kind of fall apart. But hopefully tomorrow or soon we get this show on the road,” junior infielder Olivia Vargas said.

The game began with both teams securing one home run each in the first inning; senior infielder Makayla Lopez scored the Regals’ point.

Following a scoreless second inning, the Bulldogs created a lead in the third inning by scoring four home runs. In the fourth inning, the visitors scored one more point to lead 6-1.

The Regals fought back in the fifth inning, scoring three home runs and bringing the overall score to 4-6. Junior infielder Emily Blank and first-year pitcher/infielder Brooke Desmet both found home base, and Lopez scored her second run of the game.

In the sixth inning, the Bulldogs scored their seventh and final point of the game, resulting in the Redlands’ win.

“A lot of times, great teams, they extend innings. They get hits with two outs…that continues the inning and it kind of flattens out the other team where we could really gather momentum, but we seem to have a problem with that,” Assistant Softball Coach John Barry said.

First-year pitcher/infielder Casey Edwards pitched the first three innings with two strikeouts and three walks, as well as allowing six hits and two runs during her time on the mound. Edwards was replaced by first-year pitcher/infielder Paige Henry, who, during her time on the mound, received three hits and two runs.

Barry said that they have to improve their hitting if they want to succeed.

“It’s not easy…but everybody has to take pride in their ability and they have to take pride in the program, in Cal Lutheran, and their school and I think we do, but you just gotta stay the course,” Barry said.

Barry said that as the team continues its season into the first week of May, players have to find the balance between studying and practicing and traveling for softball. 

“It definitely adds stress but you have to learn to channel that energy. It’s part of being a student-athlete. It’s not easy,” Barry said.

Lopez said the first time she had to juggle softball and finals was stressful, but, as time went on, it became more bearable. 

“Your freshman year everything is crazy, then you get used to it and then you’re like OK this is easy…I think as time goes on it gets easier and I think that we kind of got a little taste of it during travel ball,” Lopez said.

In games two and three of the series, the Regals made their way to Redlands as they looked to turn the series around. However, their losing streak continued as they fell 0-4 and 6-9 to bring their conference record to 0-12. 

The Regals have three SCIAC series games remaining before the end of the season, and their next opportunity to find a win will be at home against Occidental on Friday, April 21 at 3 p.m.