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    Jimmy Fallon will refresh “The Tonight Show”

    After two decades of late night television, Jay Leno is leaving the legendary NBC show, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

    Jimmy Fallon, host of “Late Night”, is scheduled to replace Leno in the spring of 2014. Fallon gained fame from the comedy show “Saturday Night Live.”

    I usually catch “The Tonight Show” sometimes on television while flipping through channels, or to catch a celebrity guest. But every time I did watch it, his jokes were good and the show was fun to watch.

    “He brought so much to the show: His charismatic personality, his desire to help new-comers get a start and his ability to draw A-list guests. I respect his work ethic. I think it’s great that he is able to leave while he holds the number one spot on late night TV. How many people can say that?” said senior Austin Garcia.

    Leno had a great run, and now the torch is being passed to Fallon.

    I am excited for this change because I have been a fan of Fallon since his SNL days. He knows how to cater to an audience and make them laugh.

    “I think if anyone is going to replace Jay, I’d rather it be Jimmy Fallon. I think he is the best next to Jay,” said junior Nicollette Kern.

    Fallon’s SNL experience makes him a great host because he will be able to freshen up “The Tonight Show.” He can take his experience from SNL and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and revamp the show.

    He is also about 20 years younger than Leno and can provide a younger perspective for younger audiences.

    “I think Fallon will bring more energy and a change to the traditional ‘The Tonight Show’ format,” said sophomore Spencer DuBois.

    “The Tonight Show” will also change its location. The show was originally located in New York City, but relocated to L.A. more than 40 years ago, according to the Los Angeles Times. NBC is now planning to move the show back to New York, and Fallon, a New York native, is on board.

    “I don’t like the relocation. [‘The Tonight Show’ segment] ‘Jay Walking’ was in the heart of Hollywood. It’s supposed to be in L.A.,” said freshman Kelly Nakib, a big fan of “The Tonight Show”.

    Sophomore Madeleine Krueger, however, believes that it will be a great benefit for Fallon.

    “I’m excited it’s relocating to New York because maybe Jimmy will bring some of his SNL pals on the show,” said Krueger, a fan of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

    The show has been centered in Los Angeles for a long time, giving it access to studios and many Hollywood stars. But I believe the change of scenery will be great for the show because it instantly makes the show different and new again.

    Fallon will be able to better connect with viewers on the East Coast.

    It also challenges him to keep the attention of west coasters who may feel left out because “The Tonight Show” will no longer be filmed in L.A.

    NBC actually tried to end Leno’s time on the show several years ago. Back in 2009, Leno left “The Tonight Show” and launched his “Jay Leno Show” on prime time, according to CNN. NBC replaced Leno with Conan O’Brien, former host of “Late Night”, but after the change received a negative response, NBC decided to assign Leno back to “The Tonight Show.”

    O’Brien was left in the dust.

    “I think how NBC treated them was not fair. Jay has been amazing and shouldn’t have gotten treated the way he did. I don’t like Conan, but how he was treated wasn’t right. He kind of got pushed out. It was if he was never respected,” said Kern.

    Krueger sees the bright side of the situation.

    “I feel that this is a better time for Jay Leno to leave because 22 years is a bigger milestone than 18 years,” said Krueger.
    The end of “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno is an end of an era. Leno dominated late night television.

    I appreciate what Leno has done for television, but now that he is leaving, I am excited for Fallon’s takeover and what can become of “The Tonight Show.”


    Louie DeMetre
    Staff Writer
    Published April 10, 2013



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