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Students await Jack’s Coffee Shop in Ullman Commons

CLU is planning to open Jack’s Coffee Shop inside the new Ullman Commons next spring.

I recently received an email asking me to take part in a survey about the new coffee shop.

After taking the survey, I realized how great it is that the school is giving me a voice and that staff members are taking the initiative to learn what students want before final choices are made.

“The university is in the process of making a decision on what kind of coffee shop experience we’d like to have on campus as part of the new Ullman Commons project,” said Dan Slattery, director of auxiliary services at California Lutheran University. “We had well over 300 responses to the official university survey and feel we now have quite a bit of information from which to make an informed decision. The survey helps us focus on specific attributes desired in the new location from the type of coffee to be served, the desired management of the operation and the overall atmosphere and feel of the new environment.”

As far as the Ullman Commons goes, students seem to be ready for the addition.

“It looks big, and I’m excited to try something new on campus,” said freshman Isabella Trangelo.

“We realize that the new coffee shop will become a central gathering point for students, faculty and staff, but is being designed with students in mind first and foremost,” said Slattery.

As far as food chains go, I think students might want more options.

We are lucky to attend a school close to stores and restaurants, but some students would love to have some chains on campus.
“I definitely wished we had more of a variety in food options. The Centrum is good, but we need more variety, possibly with having food chains. We are limited a lot, so I would love to see more options,” said freshman Genesis Rodriguez.

These new places on campus will be great additions to the CLU climate and overall college experience. Jack’s Coffee Shop will hopefully be a place for students, faculty and staff to hang out.

“Because there’s still much work to be done on both the project and on the coffee shop concept, it would be premature at this time to reveal our findings. But I’m sure, when appropriate, we’ll be able to share the insights we gained and how we plan to move forward,” said Slattery.

Even if we don’t get more food chains on our campus, it makes me glad that for every change brought to our campus, students and faculty have the opportunity to give their opinion.

I’m excited that we will soon have a great coffee shop when the Ullman Commons are up and running.


Veronica Manzo
Staff Writer
Published April 24, 2013

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