Dress like you’re at Coachella all summer

Looking through your favorite fashion magazine is a great way to find ideas for outfits. Trying to duplicate what you see on the page to recreate your favorite outfit is often harder than it looks, but completely possible.

“I will look through magazines to get ideas for styles, but I usually look through fashion that feature current trends,” said junior Linn Gjestad.

You can look through a blog or magazine and take ideas to make an outfit work with your personal style and the clothes you already have in your closet.

The festival look is popular for spring and summer. This means high-wasted shorts, maxi dresses and flower headbands.

The Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival made this look a hit, and now it is worn regularly instead of just at concerts.

“I like the high-waisted shorts because they’re similar to the type of style I like to wear,” said sophomore Rikke Bovre.

Adding something of your own to magazine-inspired pieces can create a new outfit consistent with your personal style.

“To make the festival look my own, I would put my denim vest over the crop top, just to make it an everyday outfit I could wear anywhere,” said sophomore Lauren Achen.

You  don’t have to stick to what the magazines tell you. Don’t be afraid to pick and choose what you like from the suggested ensemble.

“The festival vibe is definitely my style, but all the accessories wouldn’t work for an everyday outfit for me,” she said.

Playing with a pattern or a solid color can completely change a look.

“I wouldn’t wear the typical festival top with an outfit. Instead I would wear a denim crop top,” said Bovre.

Cutoff shirts and short-shorts are a staple for this style, but this might not be comfortable for everyone who wants to wear this trend.

“If I went to a festival, I would definitely wear this style, but I would put a longer top with it to wear for a regular day, especially during summer,” said Gjestad.

Usually, the outfits featured in magazines are designer clothes paired with a lot of expensive designer accessories. Some of the pieces are fresh off the runway, which makes it difficult to find the items used in the picture.

Taking exact outfits from magazines isn’t exactly college-budget friendly. Making a look your own can be the best option.

If there is something in the outfit that you can’t live without but the price is out of range, try to find something similar at your favorite store.

You might not be able to afford the $90 cut-off shirt in the magazine, but you can probably find a similar shirt somewhere else with a price that better suits your budget.


Lindsey Walton
Staff Writer
Published may 1, 2013