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CLU Line Dance Club creates welcoming community through line dancing

Photo Contributed by Nektaria Anagnostou
Members of CLU Line Dance Club Cecely Zamora, Kastenny Flores, Eden Benezra, Nektaria Angnostou, and Haley Barr.

The Line Dance Club at California Lutheran University is a club dedicated to learning various line dances while dancing together and creating a community of people who want to dance and have fun. 

Senior and President of the CLU Line Dance Club Nektaria Anagnostou said she and some of the instructors learn line dances from YouTube videos and then teach them to their members at meetings where they can dance and socialize.

They meet every Monday at 7 p.m. and the locations are posted on the CLU Line Dance Club Instagram. Anagnostou said the club encourages new members to come and try out line dancing, and said the club is open to anyone who wants to join regardless of dance skill level, and welcomes new members. 

“My favorite thing is just waiting to see who is going to walk into the doors honestly,” Anagnostou said. 

CLU Line Dance Club strives to build a community for people on campus to be a part of off campus as well, and creates a positive environment for those who want to have fun and meet new people by being friendly to everyone who walks in through the doors and helping everyone feel comfortable. 

Anagnostou said the club encourages people to connect with the school and meet new people on campus, while sharing a bond over dancing. She said it can be a great opportunity to put yourself out there and try something new. 

“There’s a community outside of campus as well. There’s multiple areas where you can go line dancing, you can carpool with others and it’s just a good hobby, I feel like it’s a healthy hobby and promotes creativity,” Anagnostou said.

Alison Meissner, a current member of CLU Line Dance Club said said she enjoys how close everyone is and that people in the line dancing community are willing to help each other, are friendly, and are welcoming.

“It was kind of an introduction to the school for me and introduced me to a lot of my friends that I’ve been friends with since that first meeting but I think it’s an opportunity to meet new people,” first-year Bailey Glass, current member of the Line Dance Club said. 

Glass said line dancing is good exercise and can help relieve stress from school or life in general. Glass also said that the meetings on Mondays are a great stress reliever for the week.

It’s really good cardio and exercise and so I think that’s something that could motivate people to go. It’s a fun time to exercise instead of going to the gym,” Glass said. 

Anagnostou said she would love it if the Line Dance Club could have a line dancing night on campus, possibly in Kingsmen Park. She said they had one her sophomore year and she would love to make it an annual event at the school. 

“It’s honestly a place to meet some new people, I’ve met some people that I never thought that I would be friends with, and so I’ve connected with more people than I have not going to the club,” Meissner said.

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