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Wellness Resources fosters students’ well-being through on and off-campus events


California Lutheran University’s Wellness Resources recently held its Mountain High Ski Resort trip for students in February. The trip included equipment needed for winter sports activities, such as helmets and skiing gear, as well as a night lift ticket for students. 

The cost for students was discounted to $20, whereas the cost would typically range up to $90. The event is part of a series of outdoor recreational activities that is funded and organized by Wellness Resources, in an effort to provide affordable, community-building activities for all students on campus. 

“I thought it was such a good opportunity that Wellness hosted this,” senior Krista Uchimiya said. “People don’t realize how expensive skiing and snowboarding can be. It can be hundreds of dollars for the lift ticket alone, not thinking about equipment.” 

Uchimiya also said that these events are important not just for wellness, but for the community. She said that it’s especially beneficial for students who may be new to the area or the Cal Lutheran community and are trying to become more comfortable in the environment.

“I’m a commuter, so having them put on events like this gives people an opportunity who don’t live on campus to come together and do things,” Uchimiya said.

Wellness Resources put on another outdoor recreational event last October, where students were able to go kayaking in the Santa Cruz Islands. Similar to the Mountain High event, the opportunity provided access to an event that most students otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend.

“That one was really, really fun,” senior Ashley Darr said. “Trying new things is always fun, I’ve never done kayaking before and probably won’t have the funds or time to later on.”

Darr had attended multiple outdoor recreational events organized by Wellness Resources, with her first being a surf trip. She also said that Wellness Coordinator Cari Monraz and her team consistently organize the events very well and ensure everything runs smoothly for students. 

Monraz said these events are made possible by hiring undergraduate and graduate students at Cal Lutheran to help out with the programming and planning. She said each student works internships for that school year as a Peer Health Educator, and she posts hiring opportunities for the positions on

Monraz said wellness resources go beyond simply providing recreational event opportunities such as these for students, as the department has a heavy focus on student wellbeing, safety, mental health, and productivity during their time at Cal Lutheran. 

“The primary goal for Wellness Resources is to provide open space for all students to gain access to information and free resources about their well-being,” Monraz said. “We accomplish this goal by connecting students with one of our five Peer Health Educators for answers to questions and resources related to staying active and fit, nutrition, anxiety and depression, mindfulness, sexual health, drug and alcohol use, sexual violence and assault prevention, and so much more.”

 Monraz said these goals have stayed the same since the pandemic, but their importance has been heightened. She said Wellness Resources focuses heavily on events that help build student community and well-being.

One of the many ways Wellness Resources tries to help students with issues they may be having while at Cal Lutheran is through printed material spread throughout campus restrooms known as The Stall Street Journal. Each month, the posters change to a different infographic regarding certain topics that may be relevant to student life. 

Monraz said she reviews the national months at the beginning of each school year to keep topics relevant before beginning the creative process. She also said it’s likely one of the most widely read printing materials on the campus. 

“I do read them and think they provide useful information, for sure,” Darr said. 

Monraz said Wellness Resources also provides hygiene products for students on campus to help students’ safety and well-being with personal products such as condoms, pregnancy tests, tampons, and more. These personal hygiene products are available for students to access freely and discreetly outside the Wellness Resources office, located on the ground floor of the Student Union.  

There will also be an upcoming three-day event organized by Wellness Resources to help students with sexual assault and violence prevention. The event will occur during Wellness Resources’ Action and Awareness Week at the end of April.

“Our major day will be Denim Day on April 24th in Kingsmen Park,” Monraz said. “There will be chalk art, raffles, t-shirt giveaways, and so much more! Our hope is that the CLU community can come out and support not only this event, but also survivors within our community.”

Wellness Resources will continue to be able to hold these events and keep their department’s benefits for student life through the addition of the Wellness Fee that comes with tuition costs. The fee was introduced last school year and will continue as part of tuition costs for students to ensure access to resources can remain a priority for students.

Information about student resources and upcoming events from Wellness Resources can be found on their webpage.

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