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iCLU Radio’s third annual CalLuPalooza brings music and entertainment to campus

iCLU Radio hosted its annual CalLuPalooza event in Pepper Grove Park on Friday, April 12. The event consisted of musical performances, food, merchandise, and a flea market.

These activities were free of charge to students, except for any purchases made in the flea market. 

“I loved it, honestly. I loved the music, I loved the environment, it just seemed really fun,” junior Karla Cahue said. “It just allows you to meet a lot of people, and I think it’s really important that it’s free because a lot of students don’t have that much money. So it’s nice to be able to go to events like this without having to worry about not being able to afford it.”

Students led the musical performances, made possible through iCLU Radio partnering with the Musician’s Club on campus for the annual event. iCLU Radio’s co-station manager Kyle Tamkin said the event is important, especially for those within radio and broadcasting.

“In radio, we really emphasize local, live talent and everything so this is live and local artists,” Tamkin said. “It’s important to get their name out there, and also hopefully make some connections and friends.”

President of the Musician’s Club Sydney Steinberg said the event also provides an opportunity for student musicians to experience performing live, away from the academic settings. 

“For the Musician’s Club, it’s really about building community, because you’ve got kind of the academic side of music which is your opera, your musical theater, your jazz, and then with musical production you’ve got a little bit more of the contemporary side of things,” Steinberg said. “But there’s not a lot of performance outlets, it’s a lot of recording. This is also a chance to get people involved who aren’t necessarily in the music production departments to see the live music aspect.” 

CalLuPalooza also provided a flea market opportunity for students, allowing small local businesses as well as student-run businesses to advertise and sell their products.

“I think it’s a really good opportunity for sellers who are students because it’s hard to find a place where you can sell your things if you have a small business, because you usually need a lot of permits,” sophomore and Twinkly Jewelry business owner Eden Benezra said. “The table costs at least $100 usually, to just have the space.” 

Junior and Brooks & Loops business owner Ash Langtry shared a similar sentiment and said the event helps provide authentic experiences for sellers.

“It’s really important because it also shows students on campus that there are small businesses in their area, and it’s really nice to shop at and support small businesses,” Langtry said. “I think it’s important for the vendors because it does give them some real-world experience.”

This was the third annual hosting of CalLuPalooza since a temporary halt during the pandemic, with CalLuPalooza starting around 2015. 

“It’s definitely nice to be in person, I love this event. I loved it when I was a freshman and I love it now,” iCLU Radio President and senior Carissa Melton said. “There are so many people that are so musically talented and they don’t have as many opportunities to perform on campus, this is just one way we can provide that for them.”

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