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CLU survival guide

Incoming freshmen students are walking around California Lutheran University’s campus without direction as this school year begins. If you are a freshman and feeling a bit out of place, this article is for you.

“Take advantage of all of the resources that are given to you. That includes faculty, your Residence Assistant and other administrators on campus,” said junior, Jamell Dorton Cal Lutheran RA. “We’re all here for one purpose and that is to help you succeed throughout your years in college.”

As an RA, Dorton sees a lot of students combating homesickness. Many new students sometimes miss being home and wish they could go back to life before college.

“Try new things. There’s always something going on around campus, which you can find on our calendar, called ‘The Hub,’” Dorton said. “There’s events involving wellness to diversity, global awareness, faith, reason and things of that nature. So there is definitely something on campus that everyone can participate in.”

After getting accustomed to your new life on campus, it will take time to make friends.

“Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be yourself because it’s a lot easier in the long run,” junior Jesse Coon said.

After you make new friends, you will probably want to go out and have some fun in this new community you are now a part of.

“Thousand Oaks is a more quiet community but Los Angeles isn’t far, the beach isn’t far and always fun. Hanging out with friends is honestly the best thing to do. Farmers markets are fun,” said Coon.   “Just kind of, Google stuff that’s going on around you. Stuff like that would probably be the best thing to do,”

After you have settled into college life, you will be especially busy and might be overwhelmed trying to juggle friends, school, work and internships.

“It’s kind of up to each and every person. It really just depends on the classes you’re taking, the amount of homework, what other extracurricular activities you’re involved in,” said junior, Sarah Cook. “It’s kind of just using your own time management skills to figure out what works best for you and how much you can handle without overloading.”

These students and many more have survived three or more years at Cal Lutheran and they all shared similar important survival tips: Always make time for your friends — they keep you sane, get to know your professors really well and lastly, get involved in things you enjoy on campus — it will help you make friends and keep you from feeling homesick.

With these tips and everything you are bound to learn throughout your time at Cal Lutheran, the next four years are guaranteed to be a breeze.


Amber Rocha

Staff Writer

Published on September 17, 2014

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