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Hit the road Trump and don’t ya come back

How can a man whose primary focus of his campaign is “I’m going to win,” be leading the Republican party’s 2016 presidential race by more than 20 percent?

I mean, come on. Donald Trump is a bully, a sexist, a businessman who starred in his own reality television show, but most importantly, he is a downright imbecile.

This joke has gone on for far too long. We get it. This idiot has made it far enough, it’s time to cut to the punch line and that is not going to be seeing Trump wearing his red hat, sitting in the Oval Office.

“Those of us who have been paying attention will not allow you to rebrand yourself. You are not a ‘unifier’. You are not ‘presidential’. You are not a victim of the very anger you have joyfully enflamed for months. You are a man who has encouraged prejudice and violence in the pursuit of personal power,” creator of Humans of New York Brandon Stanton said in an interview with Katie Couric.

According to NBC News, Trump holds 48 percent support from registered Republican voters compared to his closest opponent Ted Cruz’s meager 27 percent. This doesn’t account for the 1,237 Republican delegate votes he has to reach to become the Republican party’s nominee.

The support Trump is receiving is backed on the notion that he will “make America great again.” In reality Trump is not running for our country, he is running to gain power, something he has spent his whole life working toward.

“If an idiot like Donald Trump can be  a contender for President, it speaks volumes about America,” Malaysia’s former law minister, Zaid Ibrahim, said in a CNN interview.

To elect Trump as President of the United States is ignorant. Trump would make a mockery of the nation we have worked so hard to better for centuries. America has made immense progress but we still have huge strides to make. In terms of equality and justice we fall far behind several of our ally countries. Electing a president whose primary priority starts with “I will build a great wall,” will only put our country deeper in the hole.

Aside from being completely vain, he makes carefully calculated calls to racism to attain power. This started with his idea to build a wall, separating America from one of our largest trade partners, Mexico.

Using racist and prejudiced remarks, Trump is earning supporters by threatening to close the boundaries of America from those who some believe to be harmful. This prejudice isn’t only geared toward Mexico, but also the small percentage of the Muslim population that we know as ISIS, that Trump has classified as the Muslim population as a whole.

To elect Trump as president would be to elect a country piggybacked on a man who stereotypes entire religions and threatens violence on their communities as a method of “making America great again.”

“I think the temptation is to classify Trump as nothing more than an idiot, racist and bigot but I think he’s actually a genius, just not in a good way. He’s figured out how to manipulate a large portion of the electorate by tapping into fear and saying outlandish things,” junior Alex Egertson said in an email interview.

“‘The Donald’ has exposed the deep mistrust that many feel about the federal government but if his supporters want a remedy for the broken system then they should look to candidates with actual policy plans for change and reform, not schemes of racial and religious intolerance,” Egertson said.

I’m sure by now we all know that Trump is not worthy of being president of the United States, rather he should stick to what he does best, business. There is only one thing as citizens we can do to pave the path of our country’s future and that is to vote. So lets “make America great again” and not vote for Trump.

Lydia Snodderly
Staff Writer
Published April 6th, 2016

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