Athletics and Class

When it comes to juggling classes, practices and games, a majority of student athletes have come to a standstill with the policy of a limit to three absences per class.

The three-absence attendance policy  knocks a majority of athletes’ grades down when they have to miss classes because of games in another city, or even another state. This is an issue that is unavoidable for almost all athletes.

Professors should be more lenient with student athletes.

One of the teams most affected by this issue is the California Lutheran University golf team, which must travel to each tournament out of town, requiring them to miss multiple classes.

“We miss the most school out of all the sports, and when we miss a day, we miss participation points, which we can’t get back,” sophomore golfer Ally Gaskill said.

Professor of Business Administration Edward Julius has attempted to bridge the gap of communication between student athletes and their professors when it comes to the attendance policies certain professors have.

“We encourage students to work their practice schedule around their classes, but it is hard to work around previously scheduled competitions,” Julius said.

Being penalized for missing classes for something they can’t control almost feels like an unfair punishment. Student athletes, as well as professors, need to find common ground.

According to Julius, the best bet for a majority of athletes is to communicate with professors to the best of their ability and coordinate schedules accordingly.

Alexa Barnes
Staff Writer