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Track And Field Captain Ready To Lead

Senior Anna Schlosser exemplifies the hard work, dedication and passion for the sport of track and field while using her physical and mental strength to push all the way to the end of any event. As the captain of the California Lutheran University track and field team, Schlosser is preparing for her final season.

An exercise science major from Hood River, Oregon, Schlosser knew she wanted to compete at the collegiate level, specifically in California. She started running track her freshman year of high school and now participates as a heptathlete, an athlete who competes in sevent events, on the Cal Lutheran track and field team.

As a heptathlete, she participates in the 400-meter, 200-meter, 100-meter, throwing events, high jump and 4×100 meter and 4×400 meter relays.

โ€œItโ€™s a lot different, because I have to go to weights, go to throwing practice, go to jump practice and do sprints as well. You’re constantly doing things,โ€ Schlosser said.

The constant work that Schlosser was putting into the seven events led to last yearโ€™s injury. A torn labrum in her hip. It is a genetic injury that her older sister suffered from as well.

Since this injury can only be fixed with surgery, she met with a hip specialist. Assistant Track Coach Tristan Baer said Schlosser was told to either quit or to have a really tough season where she would constantly be in the gym, getting fixed. He was not surprised when Schlosser made the decision to push through her injury and continue training for her senior year.

โ€œNot everyone is born with a competitive drive like that. I think sheโ€™s also doing it to show younger runners on the team that itโ€™s not about your injury, itโ€™s how you come back from it,โ€ Baer said.

Schlosser mentioned that it has not been too bad so far, but some days are more challenging than others, because it gets to the point where she cannot walk.

The challenging days do not stop her from giving her all at practice, whether itโ€™s through her own training or supporting her teammates through theirs.

Junior Kelsey Rouse is a fellow heptathlete and she said she admires Schlosser for her positivity, enthusiasm and dedication towards the team.

โ€œSheโ€™s always extremely positive, even when she’s injured sheโ€™ll still go out and cheer for us the entire workout and sometimes sheโ€™ll pace me during my training,โ€ Rouse said.

Schlosser sets an example as the hard-working captain that she is today.

Baer acknowledged her growth over the past four years.

โ€œShe came in as a freshmen extremely shy, her confidence was there but not as visible as it is now; with her current work-ethic and mentoring skills, we havenโ€™t seen anybody lead a team like she does,โ€ Baer said.

Schlosser said that she enjoys being a captain because she likes helping the underclassmen when they need advice and growing with them along their journey through college.

โ€œI like helping others, and my favorite part of being a captain is just being there for people,โ€ Schlosser said.

She said she has learned everything she knows about helping others from her role model, her older sister.

โ€œShe taught me that being a good person overtakes knowing everyone and doing good for everyone, not just for yourself,โ€ Schlosser said.

As a senior, Schlosser said this she still looks up to her older sister who was a collegiate athlete. She mentioned that she feels lucky that she has someone to look up to.

Schlosser said has started thinking about her plans for after graduation; since she is from Oregon, she is planning on moving back, getting a job, taking some classes and applying to graduate school to eventually achieve her goal of becoming a sports dietitian.

As the track and field season approaches, Schlosser is looking forward to getting on the track and competing in her events.

โ€œI am looking forward to just getting through a track meet this season, because I havenโ€™t really participated in one since April of last year,โ€ Schlosser said.

Baer is also looking forward to seeing Schlosser get through this season.

โ€œIโ€™m excited to see how she progresses from her injury. Sheโ€™s been working hard at every lifting session and every practice and I hope to see her succeed in her senior season and get through it,โ€ Baer said.

Schlosser, her coaches and teammates are looking forward to the good things to come, on and off the track this season. Her physical and mental strength will be shown as she pushes through her season to get across that finish line.

Luisa Virgen

Senior Anna Schlosser earned personal bests in the high jump, long jump, shot put and javelin in 2017. Photo by Arianna Macaluso
Senior Anna Schlosser earned personal bests in the high jump, long jump, shot put and javelin in 2017.
Photo by Arianna Macaluso-Photojournalist
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