Drake Didn’t Deserve to be Booed Off Stage at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

Serena Zuniga, Reporter

I attended Tyler, the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival and watched from the center of the crowd as rapper Drake was greeted with an uproar of boos, chants and shouts for him to get off stage.

As the last surprise guest of the Nov. 9 – 10 weekend, Drake should not have been treated this way since he is undoubtedly one of the biggest artists of our time.

Camp Flog Gnaw attendees who participated in the uproar should be ashamed of how they portrayed themselves and others associated with the carnival. The entitled behavior of this crowd resembled no crowd I have ever witnessed, and they took no consideration for the overall magnitude of having Drake as a surprise guest.

Drake’s performance came as a surprise to many fans who attended the event who had speculated about who the “???” guest on the line up was.

“Fans had been speculating that the surprise performer would be Frank Ocean, which would have been a big deal because it’s basically a surprise anytime Ocean performs anywhere in public,” according to The Atlantic.

Ocean is known for rarely releasing music or performing, so Ocean’s fans knew that this may have been their only shot to see him perform live. The name “Frank” was mentioned throughout the carnival, and in a way I think every attendee knew there would be some kind of uproar if Ocean did not step out onto the stage.

California Lutheran University senior and Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival attendee Kimberly Ann Lee said she thought the surprise guest would be Ocean.

“Either way, like I was hoping it was Frank. Like, I was putting the energy out there, but I was like if it’s Drake I’m still going to watch him. Like it’s Drake, he’s an iconic artist. Of course I’m going to stay and watch him,” Lee said.

When Drake first took to the stage I thought there was going to be a positive reaction. However, it soon became clear that Drake was not who the majority of the crowd wanted to see.

Drake gave the impression that he was almost done with his set multiple times, so I assumed that someone was going on after him. I think the belief that someone other than Drake was going to close the show was the catalyst for him getting booed off stage.

“Drake addressed the crowd one more time, saying, ‘If you wanna keep going, I will keep going tonight.’ When he didn’t get the response he was looking for, he said, ‘Well, look, it’s been love. I love y’all. I go by the name of Drake. Thank you for having me,’” according to Complex.com.

Anger filled my mind as soon as Drake left the stage. It filled me with disgust for those who had been inconsiderate around me.

In a tweet, Tyler referred to the incident as “mob mentality and cancel culture in real life” and it honestly was exactly like that. Everyone who attended Camp Flog Gnaw paid to see the show no matter who came out. Tyler did not owe anyone a performance from Ocean.

Billboard reported that Drake has claimed seven of Hot 100’s Top 10, breaking The Beatles’ record. The Recording Academy has also awarded Drake with four Grammy awards and 42 nominations.

Drake’s talent and discography cements him as an idol for the younger generation whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. Drake has had immense influence over pop culture, and the reaction to this incident across the globe only cements the star power that Drake possesses.

Despite all the toxicity that came from fans, Drake continues to be one of the most iconic artists of our time and I feel honored to say that I was there to witness this moment in pop culture history.