Taking dance to the next level at Cal Lutheran


Alexandria Ibarra

This dance was choreographed by Julia Felker, was named Brubeck ‘n Bowlers because the song was composed by Dave Brubeck and the dancers wore bowler hats.

Alexandria Ibarra, Reporter

The idea for the Inaugural Fall Dance Concert was conceived a few months ago by Barbara Wegher-Thompson, senior adjunct faculty member and lecturer in the Theatre and Dance Department.

Adjunct professor Jeffrey Wallach, director and producer of the concert said Wegher-Thompson started the process of putting the show together and then “passed the baton” to him.

Wallach said this concert was created to give the dance community of California Lutheran University the opportunity to go to the next level.

Students underwent a professional audition process to be in the show, Wallach said. It is the first faculty-run dance concert at Cal Lutheran.

“The audition process was super fun. I really liked learning about each piece and I was able to showcase my skills in each style,” said sophomore dance minor Emily Gull.

The concert featured dance mediums such as jazz, modern, tap, hip-hop, social dance and musical theatre.

“There’s a lot of popping in the first piece and a lot of krump vocabulary in the second piece. There’s a lot of house dance and hip-hop,” said Ricky Medina, an adjunct faculty member.

Pieces in the show were choreographed by adjunct faculty members Julia Felker, Medina and Wallach. There was also a piece in the show choreographed by students sophomore Gabrielle Desroches, first-year Mckenna LeVasseur-Tripp and Gull entitled “Rhythm Nation.”

“I am so thankful the faculty asked me to be part of the choreographing process. I have had so much fun creating it,” Gull said. “Working alongside some amazing dancers has not only helped me grow as a dancer but a choreographer.”

First-year student Leilani Horowitz danced in four of the seven pieces at the concert: “The Kickline,” “Flying Free,” “Rhythm Nation” and “Brubeck ’n Bowlers.”

“The choreographers are totally amazing to work with and I really enjoyed getting to study with them for this amount of time,” Horowitz said.

In the future, Wallach said the department has plans to make the show longer and continue to grow in dance programs as well as musical theatre.