Women are Getting Vagina Surgery to Reach Unrealistic Expectations of Appearance

Maria Barragan, Reporter

As a woman, I have to meet these outrageous expectations of society, which have led some women to the extreme of genital reconstruction.

According to The Conversation, labiaplasty is one of the most common forms of female genital cosmetic surgery involving the reduction of the inner lips of the vulva.

The “Barbie” surgery supposedly is meant to help give the appearance of a doll, making the vagina look smooth and plastic.

According to a BioMed Central Public Health Journal, female genitalia mutilation was once considered—and is still sometimes used as—part of Egypt’s religious culture, but we once again managed to appropriate a religious tradition and turn it into a cosmetic preference.

“Women should understand that vaginas are all different shapes, sizes, color and that not all are the same or have to look the same,” California Lutheran University student Amanda Lam said.

This cosmetic surgery is the product of a society in which females feel the need to alter their bodies in order to meet the unrealistic expectations created by models and pornography culture.

Considering that one of the most common reasons for this surgery is due to the lack of humane commentary and reasonable expectations from males.

“I think it’s a give and take. I think women need to realize that they do not need to meet these expectations,” junior Cate Boller said. “But I also think that men shouldn’t have these expectations, so it needs to be more of a psychological kind of movement, by changing your thoughts rather than the actions that need to be taken.”

I believe no males or females should expect their partners to accommodate them by putting their bodies at risk. It is necessary that we educate ourselves and our partners about what a healthy sustainable relationship with one’s body looks like.

This type of cosmetic work will only encourage further emotional and physical harm and if no one speaks out on the subject now, we will continue to go down the wormhole of accepting unattainable expectations for our bodies.