Layering, patterns and dark colors make fall fashion superior


Photo by Jose Martinez on Unsplash

Fall fashion allows you to add layers of clothing to outfits and embrace monochromatic styles.

Nataly Gutierrez , Reporter

As someone with a passion for fashion, I think every trend and style is authentic in its own way. However, if I had to pick a season, I prefer fall, and I highly recommend all women and men to wear these fall fashion trends because they look very flattering on everyone–of every shape and size. 

I consider my style to be very chic, and for that reason, I’m drawn more to fall fashion trends. I love to wear sweaters, turtlenecks, coats and patterns such as snakeskin, leather and patchwork. 

With fall fashion, there is also the option to layer clothing due to the cooler weather. Fall clothing trends also include dark colors like black and dark grey, which can look very stylish and sophisticated. 

An article from Vogue about fall 2020 street trends said that leather is a significant fashion trend for women and men, especially leather suits because of how sleek they looks.

If you want to add a different twist to your style and try something different I recommend to try items with patchwork.

According to Nylon Magazine, patchwork clothing items are also a must, and this was proven during the fall fashion runways. 

Patchwork is a technique of sewing small pieces of shaped fabrics with different textures and creating larger geometric shapes.

I’m fond of this specific trend because it looks so unique and different. Patchwork looks good on everyone and you can style it various ways. 

I own a pair of patchwork jeans, and I’ve styled them with white air forces, a white tee, and an oversized denim jacket with my small cat-eye sunglasses. 

Kimberly Lee California Lutheran University alumna and former co-president of the club ‘But Make It Fashion’, said her favorite clothing trends this fall are also leather jackets and patchwork. 

“I love patchwork just because I think it’s interesting to look at,” Lee said in an email interview. “I also like how some brands are incorporating patchwork into sustainability and upcycling, the casual lingerie trend because I’ve loved the feminine touch it adds on to it.”

Another reason why I lean more toward fall fashion is because it allows me to add layers of clothing to my outfits. I love wearing turtle necks, sweaters, blazers and coats. I also love wearing neutral and monochromatic colors. 

Lee said she also prefers fall fashion.

“I like wearing more clothes than less,” Lee said. “I also think generally for me when it comes to fashion shows. I always tend to find the fall-winter collections a lot more interesting.”

To my fellow fashion lovers, these are my fall 2020 must-haves to incorporate into your wardrobe.

You can never go wrong with cropped or long blazers, bra tops over sweaters, turtle necks, coats, leather pants or jackets and dresses that have voluminous mini-shields. 

If you want to look stylish, sophisticated, elegant and classy, then fall fashion is for you.

However, you can always make it appealing to your taste. Everyone has the right to dress how they want and add their own style to it; that’s what fashion is about. 

People often criticize others on how they dress, but it shouldn’t be like that. We need to express ourselves how we please. 

Fashion should be an outlet for anybody that wants to express themselves through their appearance, and no one should be afraid to do it. 

Allow yourself to become immersed in fashion and let it be an outlet to be your authentic self.

I’m incorporating new fall fashion trends into my style and it makes me feel unique in my own way and I suggest people do the same.