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Romney wants a chance to fix American economy

Election Day is upon us, and the two presidential candidates appear to be locked in a dead heat.

A few months ago there was little doubt in my mind that President Obama would stay seated in the Oval Office. He is the incumbent, he is popular and I figured the American people might be forgiving. I believe the tide has since turned and I am excited about the prospect of a Romney Administration.

Andy Murcia, who works for Tony Strickland, the Republican candidate for Ventura Countyโ€™s 26th Congressional District, believes Gov. Romneyโ€™s recent jump in the polls was due to his performances in the debate.

โ€œItโ€™s all the first debate. Romney was confident, competent and presidential. Heโ€™s been riding the momentum ever since,โ€ said Murcia. Many news organizations agree that Romney emerged with a clear win. He was direct, precise and strong, whereas the president looked weak, bored and beaten down. This was significant because it showed voters that the man they thought was cold and out of touch was now someone fit for office.

Out of all three debates, the last was the only debate that mattered. It gave Romney the boost he needed, and as a result, closed the gap in the election.

โ€œI think all the polls that we are going to see up to this point are meaningless,โ€ said sophomore Annie Quist. โ€œThe only final solution we have will come November 6.โ€ According to a Vanity Fair article about the election, polls are not as significant as some think.

โ€œEach individual poll is not that meaningful, but they do point out trends. The margin of error on a good poll is almost always three to four percentage points, so the head-to-head numbersโ€”if theyโ€™re at all closeโ€”are much less significant than theyโ€™re made to seem,โ€ said Todd Purdum, Vanity Fair reporter.

Margin of error is something that voters tend to forget. While we do see Romney and Obama pretty much tied in polls, with Romney in a slight lead, the numbers are always within the margin of error.

As of Oct. 29, has Romney with a lead of .6 percentage points. On Oct. 22, the poll had Romney leading by almost a whole percentage point. The poll will likely change again each day.

Keeping this information in mind, it is likely that these polls donโ€™t mean much. The race is too close. I desperately want and need Romney to win. Yes, I even sport a Romney bumper sticker. However, Iโ€™m not sure other voters are quite convinced yet.

Quist says itโ€™ll be an exceptionally close race and she doesnโ€™t know who will win, butย  knows that voters are confused.

โ€œThe state of affairs is so dire that people are just torn or donโ€™t know what directionโ€™s best. People want change, that I know,โ€ said Quist. Itโ€™s clear that Independent voters will be making their decisions at the last minute. Many Independents made their choice after watching the debates.

However, some will even walk into their polling booth unsure of whose name will get a check next to it. This makes it difficult for those analyzing the media and the polls to determine a possible winner.

Brad Stoner, vice president of College Republicans at CLU is unsure about the outcome as well.

โ€œThe race is so neck and neck at the moment I cannot say that I have a gut feeling about the outcome,โ€ said Stoner. โ€œBut I am pleased to see that people are starting to listen and understand what Governor Romney is talking about and where he standsโ€.

Murcia, however, thinks itโ€™ll be a win for the G.O.P. โ€œAt this point Romney has the momentum, so my gut tells me heโ€™ll overtake the president, itโ€™ll be close though,โ€ said Murcia.

The voter confidence in the Republican Party has increased drastically, and part of the reason is that people realize that Obama is not perfect. He didnโ€™t do the job he set out to do.

โ€œYoung people are definitely taking a second look at the Republican Party,โ€ said Murcia. โ€œThe GOPโ€™s cleaned up its act and is offering a new road forward.โ€

We must never take for granted our freedom and the ability we have to make choices for ourselves and to fight for what we believe in. In the end, it is really ok if either candidate wins the election. Will I be disappointed if Romney doesnโ€™t win?

Tremendously. But it is all up to the American people, no one else. Just the thought that we made the decision for the country is immensely comforting. Letโ€™s be thankful we live in a country where we can make the choice.

And may the best man win.


Madison Jones
Staff Writer
Published Oct. 31, 2012

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    Jamie MorrissApr 17, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    Thanks for this article! I think it articulated both sides in a fair way and allowed the student voices to speak. Thank you!