Best study spots on campus: Starbucks, Student Support Services, and Pearson Library

Hannah Anderson, Reporter

As a college student, it is important to have different environments where we feel comfortable and are able to study most efficiently. There are a few spots around campus that are pretty common, such as the library, Starbucks, or study rooms in the dorm halls. In my opinion, the best place is Starbucks, because the environment there allows you to take breaks and talk.

“Studying at Starbucks is probably my favorite place to study on campus. I like the environment of having people around and music playing. I enjoy getting to talk to my friends while I’m studying to make it more enjoyable,” sophomore Justin Boals said. 

In my opinion, the second best place to study at is Student Support Services. This place is great for students who are a part of the program and are looking for a safe place to study.

Cal Lutheran’s Academic Counselor for Student Support Services Monica Madrigal said that the Student Support Services building is a great place for students to study who are enrolled in the program. Those students have the option to bring friends along with them into the building to study.

“Students are always welcome to come in. Our students are able to print stuff out, hang out, eat their lunch, study, and we have an area in the backyard for them. They enjoy that time and then they get to make friends,” Madrigal said. 

This center is not only good for students to study together, but they are provided a space to build a sense of community with each other. This allows students to work in a safe, inclusive space.

The third location around campus that is good for studying, but is not my favorite is the Pearson library. It is a quiet environment and is best for students to do independent work. Personally, I think this kind of environment can make doing homework very boring. However, students are able to concentrate on their work here but only if they prefer a quiet environment.

The library is a spot where distractions are limited and they have many study resources there. It has different ways to do your work, such as alone at a computer, or at a table with friends in silence. 

Even though the library is not my favorite place, an interview with Boals shows an opposing opinion on it.

“The library is my favorite place to study because of how peaceful it is. I can get lots of work done there in a small amount of time because distractions there are limited. A quiet environment is best for me when I need to get assignments done fast,” Boals said.

Although distractions may be more common in Starbucks than in the library, I think that the environment makes up for it. I believe that even if you are in a good study spot, you can choose how much you limit your distractions.

According to an article published by The UNC Learning Center, “In order to study smarter, not harder, you will need to eliminate distractions during your study sessions. Social media, web browsing, game playing, texting, etc. will severely affect the intensity of your study sessions if you allow them!”

Although the library has a limited amount of distractions, I have found that studying in complete silence does not help my mind focus as well. The background noise in Starbucks is the perfect amount to help me concentrate.

In my opinion, Starbucks is the best place to study out of all of the locations offered on campus. There are many spots that are offered with different environments, but working with friends can make it more enjoyable.