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Senate has money left for semester

Despite fears that there would be a shortage of money for Senate budgets this year, ASCLU-G has money left to spend and things seem to be on track for the semester’s budget.

Student fees provide the Senate, Programs Board and Executive Cabinet budgets, which are overseen by ASCLU-G.

According to ASCLU-G President Rebecca Cardone, currently there is about $15,000 in the Senate’s Club’s, Organizations and Publications budget, but there is no fear that this may be insufficient to cover costs this semester.

Contrary to the misconception of a deficit, ASCLU-G wants clubs to ask for more money.

ASCLU-G Director Andre Andoyan encouraged clubs to come to Senate for funds.

“Things change, we understand that, and if you need more money please come back,” said Andoyan. “Not only does that show that you are doing what you said you were going to do and you’re spending that money, but you’re also thinking of new ideas. We love to see that.”

The United Students of the World (USW) club spent all the money in their budget in November when they put on the World Fair and now has no money to put on events for this semester, said Andrea Nymo Fikse, president of USW.

“Last year we went to Solvang and we won’t be able to do that this year,” said Fikse.

She said budget cuts are not only limiting the kinds of events and activities that clubs can put on, but they are also affecting the number of people attending meetings.

“More funding would lead to more attendance for all clubs,” said Fiske. “If you’re not doing events, people won’t come.”
The Senate’s general budget is used for campus improvement initiatives, which include things such as the purchasing of umbrellas for the patios, vacuums for the dorms and even sponsoring documentaries.

Senate has approximately $55,000 left in its general budget and has plans for the use of this money already.

Most of it will be spent on campus improvement initiatives and to support events and outreach programs, according to Cardone.

“I have faith that [Senate] will do a pretty good job in making sure that they have a soft landing at the end of the semester,” said Cardone. “So we won’t be out of money, but I don’t think we’ll have too much excess money either.”

Cardone said even if there was a shortage in the clubs and organizations budget, Senate would work out ways to help fund them because of their impact on the student body.

“That’s where people find their place, where they find their vocation and identity,” said Cardone. “We can’t let money stifle that.”

Senate is working with almost 90 clubs this year, which is why they have to be selective about how much money to give to each club, said Amanda Namba, ASCLU-G adviser.

“They’re elected to spend wisely the money that their fellow students pay in student fees. They take their role seriously in planning events for students, but also putting money towards campus improvement,” said Namba. “They know it’s a big role and they take it seriously.”


Mayra Ruiz
Staff Writer
Published Feb. 27, 2013

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