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CLU keeps students informed about alcohol poisoning

Any time there is a college party with alcohol, there is a risk that someone will drink too much.

Drinking heavily can lead to serious consequences if precautions are not taken.

According to the Center for Disease Control, a college student dies every 44 hours from alcohol overdose. College campuses need to create awareness of this serious issue. According to, โ€œAlcohol depresses nerves that control involuntary actions such as breathing and the gag reflex (which prevents choking). A fatal dose of alcohol will eventually stop these functions.โ€

CLU has many alcohol prevention measures and a strong presence of students who are knowledgeable about how to react in a dangerous situation involving alcohol.

โ€œI think we have a good grasp on promoting alcohol awareness. We have such a big mix of students. Some party, some donโ€™t at all, so I think itโ€™s good that both sides of our students are informed,โ€ said sophomore Courtney Schmick.

Wellness Programsโ€™ alcohol education isย  structured to inform students to be safe and realize the dangers of drinking alcohol.

Junior Kyle Evans, alcohol education intern for Wellness Programs, is joining the fight against alcohol abuse.

โ€œI believe that our campus does a lot to spread knowledge about alcohol poisoning and how to recognize, assess and help someone who may be suffering from alcohol poisoning,โ€ said Evans.

The Red Watch Band Program at California Lutheran University is meant to train students to identify the signs of alcohol poisoning and help someone who is dangerously drunk.

After being trained, the students receive a red watch.

The idea is that if you wear the band to a party, you are choosing to be sober and are recognized as someone who is trained to help those who may be suffering from alcohol poisoning.

In addition to the Red Watch Band Program, Wellness Programs also posted the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning for nearly a month in the first-year residence halls, in order to spread awareness about the issue.

Our campus is reaching out to college students who may be unaware of the symptoms and severity of alcohol poisoning. All information that Wellness Programs spreads teaches students to drink safely.

In addition to Wellness Programs, resident assistants are also trained to promote safety of CLU residents.

โ€œAs an RA, we are trained in first aid and CPR. Itโ€™s really beneficial because if residents come back from a party, or if an RA is at a party or somewhere where there is drinking involved, if someone had too much or doesnโ€™t know completely what to do in a dangerous situation, an RA can respond,โ€ said senior resident assistant Robert Springer. โ€œIn addition, we are also informed about responsible drinking, so an RA is a great resource in terms of just asking basic questions about how to drink safely and also how to ask questions about how to respond.โ€

CLU is doing a good jobย  of increasing awareness of the dangers of drinking, and as new students keep attending our school, we need to make sure we are keeping them informed.


Veronica Manzo
Staff Writer
Published May 8, 2013

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