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ASCLUG Executive Cabinet Election Coverage

Jaylin Licup
The Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government Executive Cabinet Elections for 2024-25 school year went live on Canvas on March 19 at 8 a.m. Voting closes at 4 p.m. on March 20.

March 21 at 11:30 a.m.

Results for the Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government Executive Cabinet Elections for 2024-25 school year were shared in a press release via Instagram from ASCLUG President Mia Deck at on March 20. Voting closed at 4 p.m. on March 20, with a total voter turnout of 347.

Results are as follows:

ASCLU President:

Mia Garcia – Withdrew

Fairooz Rafia – Majority Write-In


ASCLU Senate Director:

Ashlyn Bryson-Beaneย  48%ย 

Samantha Hernandezย  49%

Write-In Candidates 2%


ASCLU Programs Board Director:

JJ Cambalizaย  48%ย 

Ali Gregoryย  49%ย 

Write In Candidates 3%


ASCLUG Bylaws Section 5.1 Voting and Electing states, โ€œ5.1.3 For Executive Cabinet offices a candidate must receive more than 50.0% of the votes counted.โ€

In the press release, Deck said that โ€œneither candidate running for ASCLUG Senate Director or ASCLUG Programs Board Director received more than 50.0% of the votes counted. Therefore, a run-off election will occur for both positions.โ€

March 20 at 3:41 p.m.

The Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government Executive Cabinet Elections for 2024-25 school year went live on Canvas on March 19 at 8 a.m. and will close on March 20 at 4 p.m.

CLU students can participate in the online voting process by selecting the courses tab on Canvas and find a course labeled โ€œASCLUG Executive Cabinet Elections 2024.โ€

In this course tab, students can find the โ€œVOTEโ€ box where they can cast their votes for the three different positions as well as the typed biographies provided for each candidate.

The currently positions being voted on are the position of ASCLU President, Senate Director, and Programs Board Director.

The candidate for President is junior Mia Garcia, who is a current senate board member. The Senate Director candidates are two current Senators, sophomore Ashlyn Bryson-Beane and junior Samantha Hernandez. The Programs Board Director candidates are also two current Senators, sophomore Jacquelyn (JJ) Cambaliza and junior Alexis (Ali) Gregory.

The Echo contacted each candidate via email and asked them a series of questions Three of the five got back to us with the following answers:

Please introduce yourself, including your current year and current position (if applicable).


  • My name is Ashlyn Bryson-Beaneย 
  • I am a current 2nd year psychology student with a minor in UHP and legal studies
  • I am currently part of ASCLUG as a sophomore senator


  • My name is Samantha Hernandez, I am a third year at California Lutheran University majoring in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Health Professions minoring in both Spanish and Chemistry and I am currently a ASCLUG Junior Senator.


  • Hi I am Ali Gregory. I am a junior here at CLU and currently serving as a junior senator for the ASCLUG.

What position are you running for and what is your reason for running?


  • I am running for Senate Director. I am running because I figured it was a great opportunity to continue representing the student body and to do so from a different position. I also feel my experience as a senator for two years and working in student life as a CCEI intern and peer advisor has prepared me well for the role and makes me excited to challenge myself a little bit.


  • This year, I am running to become the ASCLUG Senate Director for the 2024โ€“2025 academic year. Becoming the Senate Director has been a goal of mine since I joined Senate as a freshman. Aside from being a Junior Senator, I also work in Student Life as a Club and Organization Accountant. Being a Clubs and Organizations Accountant helps me better serve our study body because, after allocating money during Senate meetings, I get the privilege to help clubs carry out whatever event they are planning.ย 


  • I am running for Program Board Director because I have been an active attendee of the ASCLUG events and have always wanted to help plan them. I liked the idea of a leadership role, but knew that this was a leadership role that also depended on the program board members to help plan and brainstorm ideas.ย 

What are some ideas or perspectives you hope to bring to the position if elected?


  • As someone very passionate about all things DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice) I want to use my knowledge in that area to make sure that the senators and clubs feel safe to express their opinions and concerns in a welcoming environment.ย 
  • For specific ideas:ย 
    • More expansive club training opportunities to better prepare our club officers for things like writing budgets, planning events, and all of the logistical things that go into that.ย 
    • Our current senate director, Anthony Garay, attempted to conduct an open forum for students to voice their thoughts on what changes they would like to see on campus and that is something that I would like to see come to life, so if elected I plan to work to ensure students know about that through widespread publicity.ย 
    • The 23-24 executive cabinet has made it their goal to restore the Purple Pit and I would love to see that project continue to grow.ย 

Hernandez:ย ย 

  • As Senate Director, I hope to shed light on student concerns and create a lasting impact on campus. I plan to work extremely hard to encourage and support not only our student leaders but the entire student body. I do however plan to create a system in which we remain not only equal and fair but also equitable and consistent throughout the year while also abiding by the constitution of each club.


  • Some ideas I hope to bring are different events that we have never seen before, but also getting insight from our students of what events they would like to have. I want to do some kind of drive in movie event in the athletics parking lot if possible. I want to make the events very lively and have all aspects of our campus represented.I also would love to partner with our clubs and orgs to help them get acknowledged as well. I also plan on continuing the addition of the purple pit from this year’s executive board.ย ย 

Voting closes at 4 p.m. on March 20.

This news release was updated to include the addition of election results.

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