Grand Opening of Math Center Expands Opportunities for Students

Antonio Valle-Lobjois, Reporter

The grand opening of California Lutheran University’s Math Center took place on Nov. 22 in Pearson Library. The new center features tutors specialized in different areas of math, the largest whiteboards on campus, whiteboard tables, math textbooks, laptops and a smart touch screen TV— all with the goal of helping students better understand math. 

Christopher Newmark, the new Math Center specialist, recently moved to Cal Lutheran from Fresno. His wife attended Cal Lutheran, and he said the campus feels like home to him. Newmark said he has a passion for math and was excited for the center’s opening. 

“It’s an incredible moment for the university and I’m so grateful and proud to be a part of it. The Math Center is going to be a great place for students to come and improve their math skills and get help for their tests. Ultimately we want to see students succeed and we want them to show off their math skills,” Newmark said. 

Newmark will be assisting tutors in the center and will run both math-focused workshops as well as workshops on basic skills, such as time-management and organization. Newmark recommended students who come to the Math Center to bring class-specific notes, textbooks and homework. 

“Math is more fun when you share it and you do it together and that’s true with anything in life. Being able to contribute to a community, your peers, and a larger institution, is a meaningful process. This will really open up your mind to new experiences if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone, and share with your peers, here at the Math Center,” Newmark said. 

Delil Martinez, who teaches intermediate algebra at Cal Lutheran, said the opening of the Math Center was important in providing a welcoming space for students seeking assistance in math. Martinez said students who are not able to attend professor office hours will now be able to go to the center. 

“There are plenty of opportunities for students to get help and get additional practice in all of the skills and concepts that they are learning in class,” Martinez said. 

Formerly, a math lab was located in Pearson Library. Karrolyne Fogel, director of the Math Center and professor of mathematics said many students did not like the space of the former lab, which was located in room 127. 

The Math Center will have hours from Sunday to Friday, with the full hours listed on Cal Lutheran’s website.